EA attributes lower sales to Halo and COVID

Battlefield 2042Its release last year was a huge disappointment for players and executives at Electronic Arts. The publisher has already mentioned this Was unhappy with the game’s performancebut at the company’s city council meeting on February 15, EA Director of Studios Laura Millie shared the company’s internal reasons Battlefield 2042Fail. According to Tom Henderson, xfireMiele listed many contributing factors, including conflicts with the game’s Frostbite engine, the early launch of infinite auraThe multiplicity of players and the problems posed by the coronavirus pandemic.

“I added all this new innovation, all this ambition for the new project, and then I added a global pandemic halfway into the project, where game teams had to work from home, and we ended up with more new variants in development,” Millet said.

The pandemic has had a profound impact on all aspects of the video game industry, from arcade shutdowns, to semiconductor shortages that have led to fewer PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles on the market. During the pandemic, many teams switched to remote work, which caused a lot of problems for developers; EA isn’t the only company that has attributed development problems to the pandemic.

In November, Xbox surprised fans with its launch infinite auraThe multiplayer game is free to play before the full version of the game. Miele claimed that the internal test of Battlefield 2042 It was positive despite its flaws, but the game’s bugs become more noticeable when compared to infinite auraPolish level. It seems that Mielle and EA think the comparisons are painful Battlefield 2042chances. Henderson seems to scoff at this suggestion, but the abundance of first-person shooter games released in the fall of 2021 may have contributed somewhat to the game’s struggle to meet sales expectations.

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Henderson points out in his post that EA and DICE should have known about the game’s many bugs and issues prior to its release, as with others. They were pointing out warning signs that the game was in trouble. Hopefully EA and DICE can fix the game issues, and make things right Battlefield 2042!

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