Elon Musk’s idea set Bulgaria on fire. The richest man on earth was invited to the poorest place in the EU

A simple tweet from Elon Musk sparks Bulgaria: From ministers to netizens, some are already imagining the world’s richest man stepping onto the Belocratic cliffs towering above the EU’s poorest region.

A photograph of the imposing castle, under ominous clouds, sparked reactions in November from the capricious owner of Tesla, SpaceX and, more recently, Twitter, AFP reported on Tuesday.

“I’m pretty sure it’s from Elton Ring,” he says, referring to one of his favorite video games. Undoubtedly the shock wave he would cause in this Eastern European country, rarely in the limelight.

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The eccentric millionaire’s comment attracted media attention from November 23, a EU portal Committed to town halls in the European community, the mayor asked himself directly: “It is stimulating Elon Musk Tourism in Bulgaria?”.

“Dear Elon, it’s in Bulgaria. I invite you to come and visit this site,” replied Tourism Minister Ilin Dimitrov, quickly followed by another member of the government.

A restaurant near the castle says Elon Musk has reservations for April 2023

Even the politician said it was sent to him Millionaire American, “by Bulgarian”, an official claim with the rhyton, an ancient drinking vessel that stands as a testament to the Thracian civilization, reflecting the country’s pride.

The chef of a modern restaurant in the village of Stakhevtsi, located 20 kilometers from Belokratchik, added gas to the fire by publishing a so-called email from the SpaceX team about Elon Musk’s stay in April 2023.

In social networks, rumors awakened the creativity of Internet users. Immediately, photo collages appeared showing the billionaire in traditional Bulgarian dress or drinking brandy, the popular aperitif.

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Others worry: “They’re going to come and buy our land,” commented one woman.

The frenzy amuses the author of the photo, which was taken five years ago and has recently been republished.

“I’m very skeptical, but I’m keeping my faith”

“The good news from Bulgaria arouses great interest,” replied Vladislav Tersisky, welcoming “reactions, jokes, anecdotes, expressions of national pride.”

Regarding Elon Musk’s visit He admitted to AFP: “I’m very skeptical, but I’m keeping my faith.”

Shrouded in fog, on a cold day at the end of November, the Belogradsk fortress is waiting for its “Messiah”, analyst Dimitar Kanev joked on TV.

A small film crew and a handful of tourists roam the sprawling 300-hectare natural site, far from the hustle and bustle of the Internet.

Among the 5,500 inhabitants, sarcasm reigns supreme. Like Bulgaria, it lost population after the communist era, this beautiful city lost half of its population compared to 1991.

“Why not see the beautiful place and the poor part”

“He does what he wants, why doesn’t he come to see the beautiful place and the poor area,” Svetoslav Zahariv, a construction worker in his fifties, said of Musk, “disaffected by the same mess”. After working abroad for 16 years, he returned to the country.

More than 40% of the population lives below the poverty line in this part of Bulgaria, the poorest member of the European Union.

In a town hall, one dreams of real government policy rather than fleeting expressions of interest.

In 2007, the inclusion of these rocks in the controversial new Seven Wonders of the World competition caused a surge in visitors. “They left disappointed because of the lack of infrastructure and reception capacity,” recalls Deputy Mayor Rosen Mladenov.

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“What is this state relying on Musk’s tweet to promote tourism?” he said angrily.

Elon Musk’s visit will be a ‘three-day miracle’

Mayor Boris Nikolov, for his part, regrets the “lack of a national strategy”.

The arrival of the entrepreneurs “will be a three-day wonder if we don’t invest in tourism”.

Elon Musk has so far ignored several tweets, neither confirming nor confirming his stay.

However, if he were to visit this neglected area, he would have to be careful not to drive a Tesla, given the many potholes and difficult access, a Bulgarian newspaper warned, advising him to come with a shuttle.

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