Elon Musk’s lawyer and Twitter ahead of a legal battle in Delaware

Twitter lawyer. The company has reportedly hired Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, a notable enough company It has its own Wikipedia pageand co-founder, Martin Lipton, is credited with inventing the shareholder equity scheme or “toxic pill” defense on Twitter. Initially used To put an end to the acquisition attempt.

On Friday, Elon Musk submitted a document to try to cancel his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter. In response, Twitter CEO Brett Taylor tweeted The company will follow the legal procedures To close the deal as agreed. Hire and buy Lipton, as I mentioned BloombergAnd the He suggests Twitter is serious about discussing his case in Delaware Chancery Court.

Twitter has hired two lead attorneys for its team. One of them is William Savitt, who represented companies like National anthem And the Sotheby’s In Delaware Court v. Activist Investors. The other is Leo Strain, a former Delaware chancellor with 20 years of experience as a judge in state courts, ending up with a stint as chief justice of the state Supreme Court before joining the firm in 2020.

Musk is said to have employed Quinn Emmanuel Urquhart and Sullivan, who also had Wikipedia treatmentand may be more familiar with edge readers. dealt with Samsung’s defense against Apple’s patent lawsuit Claiming that the Galaxy devices were just a copycat of the iPhone, Musk previously defended, In the “sexual harasser” defamation caseplus fallout from his “secured funding” tweet about making Tesla private Cases against the Securities and Exchange Commission And the An ongoing shareholder lawsuit.

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