Elton John BBC Glastonbury Festival ratings revealed – Deadline

Elton John raised the roof at Glastonbury last night in what could have been Rocket Man The singer’s last ever performance, watched by over 7 million viewers on the BBC. That number was three times what was in Paul McCartney’s headline in 2022.

The legendary British singer’s three-hour performance drew nearly 50% of the audience and became one of the most-watched TV shows of the year so far, according to Barb’s data from overnight.tv, right behind him. Happy Valley. His performance by Miles was the most watched Glastonbury Festival over the weekend on the BBC, which shows comprehensive coverage of the Worthy Farm Festival.

At the festival, early estimates of the performance were as one of the most watched of all time, potentially eclipsing Dolly Parton in 2014 by more than 100,000.

John, who previously said last night would be his last ever performance, has taken all the beatings of a five-decade career including Candle in the Wind, Rocket Man And little dancer. He was joined on stage by singer-songwriter Stephen Sanchez and hitman Brandon Flowers.

John easily topped Saturday night’s Guns ‘N’ Roses ratings, which reached just over 1 million, while Friday’s Arctic Monkeys had 1.5 million tunes.

The past few days have seen the Glastonbury Festival lively and energetic as the weather has held steady. The festival, one of the largest in the world, has also seen performances from the likes of Blondie, Lana Del Rey, Cat Stevens and Louis Capaldi, the latter of whom was seen by 2.2 million but suffered Tourette’s syndrome on the stage where he had to. He cut his collection short.

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The festival hasn’t been shy of controversy either. to examine Oh, Jeremy Corbyn, the big lie She was pulled after Jewish groups accused her of promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories while an artist asked for footage of her performance to be removed from BBC platforms after she was abused.

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