Erdogan will lose the election. His flirtation with the Russians cost him dearly

Turkish President Recep Erdogan will be defeated in Sunday’s presidential election by Kemal Kilicdaroglu, leader of the main opposition CHP (Republican People’s Party), publicist Ian Christoyu says.

“The way the polls are rigged, Erdogan will lose. It means that he no longer owns anything. Opinion polls are designed to fail. The moment you are the current president and your opponent, he is 74 years old, like Tsiolos, and he is a coalition. And you know what the point is? Most of the parties in this coalition are more conservative and Islamist than Erdogan’s party. How great is the hatred for Erdogan, because it is clear that he has nothing to offer. This is doubtful. He could not even be declared as the opposition candidate as he had 20% of the votes. Flirting with the Russians cost Erdogan dearly. This is an opportunity for the Americans to solve a big problem.(…) Turkey is in NATO. Who is more subject to Americans, Germany or Turkey? Germany. NATO is led by Americans. Turkey, through Erdogan, has succeeded in trying to be a great regional actor.(…) Turkey worries that it is not a servant of Germany. Turkey is not playing with Russia because it is too strong and it can compete with it. He has a different status. At the present time, NATO, the Americans are in full camp, need subjugated states. Don’t fall in line, lose the election. If Erdogan loses, if it is certain, we can say goodbye to Turkey for about 10-15 years,” the publicist said on Friday evening in the Gândurile lui Cristoiu program from SMART TV.

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According to the latest opinion polls, Erdogan will get 43.7% of the vote in Sunday’s election, while Kılıcedaroğlu will get 49.3%. In this case, the two candidates will face off in the second round on May 28.

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