„Escrocii nenorociți”: An attack on Spotify by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Duba Interruberia Collaborari Ku Company

Bill Simons, one of Spotify’s most popular CEOs and presenters, launched an unusually harsh attack on Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle on Monday after their partnership with the streaming audio platform ended. CNN.

Prince Harry and MeghanPhoto: Angela Weiss/AFP/Profimedia

“I wish Meghan and Harry had ‘quit Spotify’ talks.” Damn scammers. That’s the name of the podcast I was going to start with them,” Simmons said during his eponymous show.

“I got drunk one night and told the story of the Zoom meeting I had with Harry, trying to help him with his podcast idea. This is one of my best stories. Damn take them. Fraudsters,” he said days after the partnership between Spotify and Archewell Audio, the production company of two members of the British royal family, ended.

An agreement was signed between the two parties in 2020 A collaboration was offered A series of shows and performances were targeted over the years but ultimately resulted in only one show and a special holiday show.

Split between Spotify and Prince Harry

Archewell Audio and Spotify have announced they have reached a “mutual separation agreement”, two weeks after the audio streaming company said it would cut 200 jobs from its podcasting division as part of a “restructuring strategy”.

The number of laid off employees represents just 2% of Spotify’s total global workforce.

It’s unclear what prompted Bill Simmons to launch a scathing attack against two members of the British royal family, but he also criticized Prince Harry in January of this year.

“What would he do? ‘What are your skills? Why are we listening to you?’ “So you’re born into a royal family and you’re left (…) unless you talk about the royal family and complain about them, no one cares what you have to say,” he said at the time.

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Spotify bought Simmons-founded website “The Ringer” in 2020, paying more than $200 million for more than 30 podcast shows hosted on it, according to the agency. Forbes.

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