Europe was invaded by high-tech products “made in China”.

China had the largest share of high-tech imports from outside the EU in 2022, followed by the US and Switzerland, Hellenic journalists write. Okonomicos TachydromosCited by Rader.

“Made in China” electronicsPhoto: Marcus Harrison – Business / Alamy / Alamy / Profimedia

In particular, based on Eurostat data, more than half of EU high-tech imports last year came from non-EU countries, namely China – 38% (€183 billion) and the United States – 19% (€91 billion), the other partners being Switzerland (6%, i.e. €30 billion), Taiwan (5% i.e. €23 billion), United Kingdom and Vietnam (4% each i.e. €20 and 18 billion respectively).

The most important category of high-tech products imported from outside the EU is electronic and telecommunications products (202 billion euros). This category dominates exports to three of the EU’s top six high-tech partners: Vietnam (74% of Vietnam’s high-tech exports to the EU, i.e. EUR 13 billion), Taiwan (69%, i.e. €16 billion) and China (55% i.e. €101 billion). billion).

For Switzerland, the largest category of exported goods is pharmaceuticals (68% of Switzerland’s high-tech imports, i.e. €20 billion). For the United States (35%, i.e. €32 billion) and the United Kingdom (28%, i.e. €6 billion), the aerospace sector is the largest export.

The largest category of products exported by the European Union

In terms of EU high-tech exports to countries outside the Union, the United States was the main trading partner in 2022 (26%, i.e. €118 billion), followed by China (12%, i.e. €53 billion), the United Kingdom (9%, i.e. € 42 billion), Switzerland (6%, i.e. €28 billion), Japan (4%, i.e. €19 billion) and Turkey (3%, i.e. €12 billion). Pharmaceutical products are the most important category of high-tech products exported to countries outside the EU (145 billion euros).

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