European Commission recommends EU candidate status for Ukraine and Moldova, but calls for reforms

The European Commission (EC) is recommending EU candidate status for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, said Ursula van der Leyen.

Both countries still need to make reforms, and “the ball is in their court,” said Van der Leyen.

“Firstly, the Commission recommends to the Council that Ukraine be given the opportunity for a European future and, secondly, that it be given candidate status. This means that, of course, the country must implement a number of important reforms. Ukraine has certainly demonstrated its willingness and commitment to live up to European values ​​and standards. There is parliamentary and presidential democracy, a well-functioning public administration, and Ukraine has a very energetic, active civil society, which is a good thing. He has a fair and free electoral system. We all know that and we want them to live the European dream with us, ”said Van der Leyen.

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“We have a clear message, that is: yes, Ukraine deserves a European perspective, yes, Ukraine must be accepted as a candidate country. We follow the rules, progress depends on Ukraine, the ball is in the territory of the Ukrainians,” he continued.

“In view of the continuing important reforms, we also recommend that the Council grant Moldova a European future and candidate status. In recent times, Moldova has taken decisive steps toward reform. As long as the country’s leaders continue on this path, we believe it is possible for the country to live up to expectations, “he added.

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The announcement comes a day after French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Romanian President Glass Iohanis visited Ukraine.

Both countries will have to face many conditions in the future such as the rule of law, justice and the fight against corruption.

“Ukraine is a European country, which has proven to be in full compliance with the values ​​established by the European Union.

The recommendations of the European Commission must be approved by the Council of Europe and the European Parliament.

Ukraine applied for EU membership four days after Russian troops launched an invasion in February. Four days later, two other former Soviet states, Moldova and Georgia, which had separatist areas occupied by Russian troops, applied for EU membership.

In the case of Georgia, the European Commission has decided that there are a number of conditions before granting candidate status.

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