Exclusive Video | Romanian footballer ‘stoned’ away from ‘Galctic’ transfer to Real Madrid: ‘It’s a deal’

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10.06.2023, 00:11

Razwan Ely (42 years old) said in the program Football club How he approached being a player Real Madrid.

This event took place in 2008, when Razvan Raz was a player from Shakhtar Donetsk.

Razwan Rash: “After that story, I was fine doing nothing for months!”

After Roberto Carlos left Madrid, Bernd Schuster wanted Rash at the Santiago Bernabeu, but the deal fell through in the last hundred meters due to transfer fee issues.

It is an initial contract for a fixed amount. Meanwhile, the sums have changed several times, and Real Madrid’s gentlemen have said it’s not fair game. Then Mijadovic.

After that story, I didn’t feel well for a few months. This is a unique opportunity. It was Bernd Schuster who brought me to Shaktior. Then Roberto Carlos left for Fenerbahçe, it was 2008.

That was the deal, Bernd Schuster had the right to name and position two players, according to his will. The others were under Mijadovic’s command. That is the understanding at the exchange policy level.

I was one of them, and there was another. That year, Real bought Schneider, and the Dutchman. Trente came in my place, then Marcelo. The story is over“, said Răzvan Raś in the Fotbal Club program.

Video Razwan Ross, not transferred to Real Madrid

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