Finland NATO / Sanna Marin in a hurry: We will make a decision in a few weeks. We must be prepared for Russia’s action from the evaluation stage

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin has said her country’s parliament will discuss its decision to join NATO next week and will not provide a timetable for joining the North Atlantic Alliance, but it will take weeks, not months, Reuters reports.

Magdalena Anderson and Sanna MarinPhoto: Paul Wennerhome / AFP / Profimedia

He stressed that Finland could not obtain security guarantees from NATO without being part of the alliance, and that his country should be prepared for Russia’s action from the point of view of evaluating NATO members.

It would be good if Finland and Sweden make similar security choices in the future, Sanna Marin added.

“There are different perspectives on applying for the post of NATO member and we need to look at them very carefully. But I think our process will be very fast and it will happen in a few weeks,” Marin said in a statement. Conference with his Swedish counterpart.

Sweden will also make a decision by the end of May

For his part, Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson said Sweden’s security assessment should be complete but expeditious: “We need to see what’s best for Sweden’s security.”

Sweden is reviewing its security policy, with results expected by the end of May.

“Of course, there are pros and cons to NATO members, and there are pros and cons to other security options,” he said. “As a member of NATO, you have Section 5 protection. You have different responsibilities from other countries,” Anderson said.

Sweden and Finland join NATO This will not bring stability in EuropeThe Kremlin said on Monday that it was more or less pursuing hidden threats in the matter.

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Russia Made a “massive strategic mistake” With the start of the invasion, Finland and Sweden are preparing to join NATO in the summer, according to several US officials.

The percentage of Finns who want their country to join the North Atlantic Alliance has risen from 30% to 60% since Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine. Finland It has a border of more than 1,300 km With Russia, an army of sophisticated equipment and can mobilize 300,000 men and women for war in a few days.

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