First anti-Western troops to help Russia in occupied territories of Ukraine. The country answered Putin’s call

A key ally of Russia will send ground troops to areas seized by Vladimir Putin’s army in Ukraine.

South Korean television network TV Chosun and the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reported that North Korea will send engineering troops and military construction to take part in “reconstruction operations” in the occupied Donetsk region as early as July 2024. Ukrainian Pravda.

South Korea expects Pyongyang to send large-scale ground troops to the occupied Donetsk region in July 2024 to help rebuild infrastructure in the occupied eastern Ukrainian city, according to journalists citing a South Korean government official.

Russia wants an alliance with Vietnam and North Korea

According to the report, the North Korean military operates 10 brigades, and TV Chosun estimates that stationing three or four of these brigades in occupied parts of Ukraine could bring North Korea up to $115 million a year in unspecified foreign currency from Russia.

The Institute for War Studies, a Washington-based think tank, pointed out that Russia appears to be encouraging the base to support allies with close historical ties to the Soviet Union, such as North Korea and Vietnam. Alternative World Order.

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While ISW has not seen any reports that North Korean military personnel plan to engage in combat operations in Ukraine, it noted that North Korean engineering support would allow Russian combat forces to focus on front-line operations and contribute to the expansion of military infrastructure. Defensive fortifications in the occupied territories of Ukraine.

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