Flying cars are coming in the next two years, Doroni Aerospace CEO says


flying cars

Buckle up, they are coming soon…

Minimum training required

Flying cars could very quickly be in the market much sooner than we thought…according to an Aerospace CEO who’s been working hard to make this sci-fi dream a reality.

Doron MerdingerDoroni Aerospace Inc. CEO. , joining us on “TMZ Live” Tuesday — filling in on how his company’s new flying cars might be for sale in the next couple of years… adding that his team is already test-driving it on a project in Florida.

Their car is called the Doroni H1, and it’s a two-seater that can cruise hundreds of feet off the ground using a joystick – not a steering wheel. According to Doron, the future whip can be useful in several ways.

The ride will set you back a few hundred Gs, though… but Doron says his crew does everything they can to make it a real bang for your buck — which includes its impressive top speed.

Today the Biden-Harris administration released NASA’s budget request for fiscal year 2024:

Going back to the Moon to prepare for Mars, tackle climate change, make flying safer, empower our workforce, and create jobs: this is it. #statovnasa.

– NASA (@NASA) March 9, 2023

for those unaware, President Biden It requested a $27.2 billion budget for NASA last week, with some of the money used to test flying cars. Doron is one of several companies working with NASA toward a future in the skies.

BTW – Biden’s budget request came next trump He called on the government to invest in technology… saying we must forcefully defeat China. In addition, there are other startups that are developing flying cars as well.

Get over the Space Race… there’s a new competition in town!

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