Food that can be eaten after expiration. “Do not throw away! Eat safely”

About Yogurt, A product that almost all of us eat. We know the expiration date is written on the yogurt glass, and some people will throw it away if the product expires.

In this way, the waste is prepared and the manufacturers recommend that the product is good for consumption for another three weeks, writes Dr. Mihela Flick on her Facebook page.

The only condition is that the yogurt is left unopened beforehand.

“Expired yogurt should not be thrown away !!

COOP, a British retailer, is waiving the warranty period for its own branded yoghurts in an effort to reduce food wastage.

Tests show that it is safe to eat yogurt for another 3 weeks after the expiration date

42,000 tons of 100 100 million ($ 127.6 million) yoghurt is dumped annually into homes in the UK due to expiration dates printed on the packaging.

In the first phase, the British company will replace the words “expiration time” with the suggestion “pre-consumption …”.

The company claims that 6 million people in the UK consume yogurt every day, and in WRAP research 50% of yoghurts are rejected as such by the packaging, which is why the label expires in 70% of cases.

Nick Cornwell, COOP’s head of food technology, said: “It helps reduce food waste.

The acidity of the yogurt ensures natural preservation, and we would like to encourage buyers to use their perceptions about the quality of the yogurt, even if it exceeds the maximum shelf life.

Benefit of expired yogurt: Increased probiotic effect

Tests show that yogurt is safe to eat for another 3 weeks after the expiration date, the main change that appears is related to the taste (it will be more sour).

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There is also a strong probiotic effect, as fermented yogurt contains many colonies of lactobacilli that are beneficial to health.

COOP will introduce a recommended date for its own brand of yogurts in May and change the full range by October 2022.

“We encourage all food businesses to follow WRAP / FSA / DEFRA best practices, identify areas where products, especially dairy products, can increase expiration dates and make this change as much as possible.

This initiative shows what a wonderful opportunity we have to stop wasting food, ”wrote nutritionist Mihela Flick on her Facebook page on Sunday.

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