Former British army chief’s prediction: When war in Ukraine “freezes” and real talks begin

Lord Dannott, the former head of the British army, said he believed Russia would take over all of Donbas and “at that point the war would be completely frozen,” but at the same time real negotiations would begin. .

Russian soldiers in an armored vehicle in UkrainePhoto: Twitter

After setbacks in the first part of the invasion, Russian troops have focused in recent weeks on withdrawing Ukrainian forces from the Luhansk and Donetsk regions that make up the Donbass.

“It was based on their huge superiority in artillery,” Lord Dannott told Sky News.

“Then, after reducing everything to rubble, they send their forces and capture them,” explained the former British commander.

“We’ll see if this slow grind continues. They’ve managed to get very close to Lugansk province, and then they’ll turn their attention to gaining control of Donetsk.

“What we’ve seen in recent weeks, I think they can achieve this in the coming days and weeks,” Lord Dannott continued.

If Russia captures both provinces, it will get some of what it wants in the war against Ukraine, but its troops will be “exhausted,” he said.

“Ukrainians will also be tired. Russians will not win, Ukrainians will not lose,” he added.

“I believe that at that point, the war will really enter a deep freeze and significant negotiations will have to begin there,” added Lord Dannott.


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