Former President, Wine Exporter or Cashier of CAP.

Two journalists, four accountants, a skater, a wine exporter, a farm manager, a few engineers or university professors, and a Harvard graduate. Such is the database of CVs of members of the former Brigadier General-led government. Scrutinized CVs of government members.

Only one minister has specialized training in central government administration. This is about Sébastien-Ion Barduja, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitization. He holds a BA in Political Science, a PhD in Economics and an MBA from Harvard. All other members of the cabinet have only come with a good party recommendation.

First Jobs of Government Members:

Nicolae Ciucă – 26th Mechanized Brigade “Ruins”, Brigade Commander in Craiova

Sorin Grindeanu – University coach

Kelmen Huner – radio journalist, veterinarian, professor of philosophy

Adrien Casiu – Economist

Lucian Bode – Head of Sales Service

Bogdan Aurescu – Legal scholar and historian

Cătălin Predoiu – lawyer

Vasile Dingu – University Professor

Sebastian-Ioan Burduja – BA in Political Science, PhD in Economics, MA in Business Administration from Harvard

Ioan Marcel Boloř – economist, doctor in accounting

Florin Spaderu – Accountancy, Shipbuilding

Virgil Popescu – Programmer

Barna Danzos – Economist

Cseke Attila – Lawyer Marius

Konstantin Budai – Administrative Assistant

Alexandru Rafila – Doctor

Sorin Campeanu – Design Engineer

Constantin Daniel Gadariu – Accountant

Gabriela Fiera – Journalist

Lucian Romascanu – Wine Exporter, Sales Manager

Edward Novak – speed skater, cyclist

Petre Daea – Agricultural Engineer, President of CAP

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