France and Germany have announced in a joint statement that they are strengthening their military presence in Eastern Europe. They will organize trainings in Romania

France and Germany made the announcement at the Elysee following a meeting between French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on the 60th anniversary of the Franco-German Pact. Joint Statement They want to strengthen their military presence in Eastern Europe. The two leaders announced that the initiative would include organizing joint Franco-German brigade exercises in Lithuania and Romania.

“We have strengthened our commitment and engagement in the Eastern region of both the EU and NATO. In support of our Eastern partners, the Army will plan joint Franco-German brigade exercises in Lithuania and Romania. In this context, including the European Peace Facility and the Eastern Partnership, to increase the resilience of our Eastern partners. “We underline our commitment and support Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia on their European path. We are also committed to improving the coordination of critical infrastructure protection,” the joint statement said.

“In this context, our two countries must contribute to strengthening Europe’s ability to defend itself and promote its interests, including strengthening the European strategic culture. It is also important to strengthen the European pillar in NATO and strengthen European defense capabilities through enhanced EU-NATO cooperation. This is why France and Germany want to improve cooperation between armed forces in Europe. We want to bring our national security and defense strategies closer together. We will continue to cooperate to strengthen the EU’s common defense and security policy. We will contribute to strengthening the European defense technological and industrial base. We also aim to promote the strengthening of European equipment procurement instruments in line with the Versailles agenda. “Our two countries are fully committed to the Franco-German-Spanish Tripartite Agreement on Arms Export Control, which is a key element of our cooperation in the arms sector,” Macron and Olaf announced.

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France and Germany on Sunday celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Franco-German Elysée Pact, which laid out a roadmap for bilateral cooperation between Paris and Berlin on foreign, security and cultural policies. Emmanuel Macron and Olaf Scholz attended Sunday at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris, where the heads of both parliaments laid a wreath at the Pantheon.

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