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According to the first predictions aired on French television after the second round of assembly elections on Sunday, President Emmanuel Macron’s party is on the verge of losing a majority in the National Assembly.

Monday, June 20, 00:10 Update. New estimates from Ipsos-Sopra Steria voting company, Macron’s center-right coalition, “Together!” 234 seats (Slightly higher than first estimates), Left Alliance, NUPES, 141 Orders (Eight less than the first estimate), while Marine Le Pen’s far-right party has 90 members (one more than the first estimate), while the Conservatives – “Les Republicans” and their allies – return 75 seats (three lower first estimates). According to France 24, this will be the new structure of the House under Parliament.

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The new balance of power is forcing Macron’s center-right pole to search for what Prime Minister Elizabeth Bourne has called the “working majority” since Monday morning.

Each of the other major forces in parliament can boast more or less of a good result in the election: the left-wing coalition is betting that it will be the largest opposition party in the next legislature, while the far-right is poised to win 10 times as many seats. Than the previous legislature, and the Conservatives – in difficulty as a political evolution – would be essential to Macron’s center-right coalition.

First predictions confirm Macron’s failure to retain an absolute majority

The presidential coalition cited “together!” It is estimated that the Left Alliance will get about 224 seats and 149 seats.

The election comes eight weeks after the presidential election, which reaffirmed Macron’s position and marked a significant victory for his far – right rival, the Rose Assembly National (RN), led by Marine Le Pen. RN will have 89 seats, which is 10 times more than it currently is.

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President Macron’s camp is expected to win between 205 and 235 seats in the National Assembly, according to other estimates provided by BFM TV, however, confirming that Emmanuel Macron did not. Absolute majority If desired, they will be necessary for that 289 delegates.

What will be the political structure of the new French parliament?

Alliance “Together!” There is a huge crowd in parliament, but the reforms that Emmanuel Macron wants to implement are questionable. President Macron’s “La République en Marche” party will win far fewer seats than the 306 it won alone in the previous assembly, regardless of its centrist modem allies.

The NUPES alliance between the far left and the Greens will be a strong voice of opposition, but Marine Le Pen’s extremist party is also gaining momentum.

In the left-wing camp, “La France Insoumise” (“France unsubmissive”), Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party will have 86 seats, environmentalists 28 seats, the Socialist Party 22 seats and the French Communist Party 13 seats. . In the last assembly, the Left had 60 seats and M மெlenchon’s party had only 17 seats. However, the far-left’s plans to see Mலlenchon as prime minister seem far-fetched.

Jean-Luc Mலlenchon praised the president’s “chaos” after the second round

France elections
Jean-Luc Melenchon, Leader of the Left Alliance NUPES, Second Power of the New French Speaker Photo: Profimedia Images

Jean-Luc Mélenchon did not hide his happiness. Although he did not get a majority to make him prime minister, the NUPES leader welcomed the decision to allow his coalition to be the strong voice of the opposition, a role that has so far been accepted by the right.

“This is a completely unexpected situation, a completely unique one. The chaos in the presidential affair is absolutely not a majority. We have achieved our own set political goal: to bend the arm of the whole nation and overthrow the arrogance of anyone elected without knowing what to do,” he said. France24.

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Marine Le Pen, delight

An enthusiastic Marine Le Pen came to the stage in Henin-Beaumont with a smile on his band’s “historic” decision after winning the split in his constituency in northern France, 11 times more than the 8 seats RN won in 2017.

Marine Le Pen says it was the party that helped turn Macron into a “minority president.”

Le Pen promised his party “firm opposition” and “no compromise”, but he would maintain “respect for companies”. On the other hand, he aims to unite “right and left patriots.”

Marine Le Ben Russend Profimedia -0701101779
Marine Le Pen, leader of the far-right Rose Assembly National (RN) party, delights in parliamentary election victory Photo: Profimedia Images

Macron Camp: “We have to show a lot of imagination”

The first results of the legislative elections give President Emmanuel Macron’s camp only a relative majority, which does not make France incapable of ruling, but “we have a lot of imagination” to act, Economy Minister Bruno Le Myre told the AFP on Sunday. Captured by Agerpres.

“This is an unprecedented situation,” he acknowledged on France 2 television, while downplaying the extent of the defeat and stressing the “majority group” formed around the head of state, “the only force ruling France”.

National Assembly Speaker Richard Fernandez, a key figure in President Emmanuel Macron’s party, conceded defeat to the left – wing NUPES candidate in Sunday’s assembly election.

“I note the conclusions that the electorate in the sixth constituency of Finister (western France) has chosen my opponent as deputy,” Melanie Thomine said in a brief statement.

The French were not interested in voting

Turnout was 17:00 local time on Sunday, two hours before the close of voting, only 38 percent.

About 48 million voters were called to vote in France on Sunday in difficult weather, with more than half of the electorate boycotting the June 12 referendum, as in the first round.

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The President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, First Lady, Brigitte Macron, vote in the second round of Assembly elections in Le Touquet.
President Emmanuel Macron loses majority in parliament during his second term Photo: Profimedia Images

The end of an era. A new political system for France

The planned result confirms the trend predicted by opinion polls before the second round. Polls released on Friday indicate that the Central Alliance Group! (Together!) Under the leadership of the party of the head of state, it will win, but the 289 delegates (out of 577) are not sure of getting this absolute majority, which is the essential limit for achieving its declared policy and reforms. In the event of a relative majority, the president must seek the support of other political groups to approve his bills.

In the first round, the current majority is about 26%, slightly ahead of Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon’s left-wing NUPES coalition. He succeeded in uniting the Socialists, environmentalists, communists and his own far-left movement, La France Inzomis.

Sunday’s election puts an end to a lengthy electoral cycle in France, confirming the country’s broader political restructuring, to the detriment of all three constituencies and traditional parties, beginning with the 2017 election of Emmanuel Macron.

Nevertheless, the traditional French right-wing, Les Républicains (Republicans) and reunited with its allies, which won 78 seats, will be on the verge of forming the next majority in the French legislature.

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