Françoise Hardy, French pop icon, dies at the age of 80

Françoise Hardy, French pop icon who rose to fame in the 1960s Yes Yes The scene before he branched out to further places, and he died after a long battle with illness. BBC News reports. “Maman est Partie” (meaning in English “mum is gone”) her son, Thomas Dutronc, he wrote on Instagram. Hardy was 80 years old.

Born in 1944, Françoise Hardy grew up in a Parisian apartment with her mother and sister, and fell in love with the pop songs played on the radio. After getting a guitar for her 16th birthday and auditioning with Vogue Records at 18, she released her first record – self-titled but now known as Tous les garcons et les filles– in 1962. The success of the title song, about a sad picnic surrounded by happy couples, catapulted her into the burgeoning world of music. Yes Yes A scene in which she was a star, and in her wariness of fame and determination to write her own songs, she was a strange maverick.

The timeless songs, delivered in a tone of introspection and lust, have made her a national treasure and gained fans around the world, especially in England and the United States, where she remains one of the few French pop stars. She dabbled in cinema but preferred to focus on music. “Music and Chanson It allows you to delve into yourself and what you’re feeling, whereas cinema is about playing a role, playing a character that may be miles away from your own personality. New York times In 2018. A series of Yes Yes Albums followed (and were reissued in 2015 by Light in the Attic), culminating with the 1966 masterpiece The house is grand.

Hardy rose to fame with a determination that would define her career. She resisted industry interference and collaboration as such, and tended to stay away from the male songwriters who lurked in the shadows of the era. In 1968, when Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg struck gold with their legendary recording of “Comment Goodbye“, the songwriting giant invited her to record an entire album with him. She declined, and instead charted her own course in the annals of pop music. Her subsequent albums in the early 1970s, No question And Message staffwas bold and innovative, cementing her in her own right in the French singer-songwriter canon.

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In the 1990s, Hardy delved into occult literature, while continuing to push the boundaries of adult contemporary pop with albums such as If it is dangerous And songs with Blur And Iggy Pop. She was diagnosed with lymphoma in 2004, and in 2012 she defied doctors after surviving a life-threatening coma. She wrote her memoirs, Monkey despair and other trifleswhich was translated into English and released in 2018. She Call In her final years of euthanasia, she criticized France for banning the procedure and wrote in an op-ed, “I fear that death will force me to endure more physical suffering.” Her latest album, another persona song called “Special Train” appeared from it Tell The UK Observer: “At my age, I can only really sing about that very special train that will take me out of this world. But, of course, I also hope that it will send me to the stars and help me discover the secret of the universe.

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