Frustration set in in the Kremlin. Propagandists are arguing among themselves and asking Putin to make peace with Ukraine Video

Kremlin propagandists began arguing during the telecast, some of them asking Russia To make peace with UkrainePutin’s military said it was impossible to defeat Kiev.

Former Member of the Russian Parliament Boris Nadeshtin (photograph)In an unusually outspoken criticism of President Vladimir Putin’s strategy in Ukraine, he says it is impossible for Russia to defeat Ukraine and that Moscow should call for peace talks.

Nadezhdin’s claims signaled uneasiness among pro-Kremlin pundits regularly featured on Russian state television as the Ukrainian military deploys to the territory.

Nadezhdin’s comments sparked a debate on the show about how Russia should respond, including building up its military forces in Ukraine or withdrawing them and ending the war.

People convinced President Putin that the special operation would be quick and effective, we would not attack civilians, we would go in, and our national guards would put things together with Khatriovites (not Chechen militias). Properly, these people actually staged everything for us“, said Nadezhdin.

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Vladimir Putin

“Defeating Ukraine is absolutely impossible”

President Putin didn’t sit there and think why not launch a special operation. Someone told him that the Ukrainians would surrender, they would flee, they would want to join Russia. Someone should tell him all this. They said the same thing on TV. Now we are at a point where we have to understand that it is absolutely impossible to defeat Ukraine using those resources and colonial warfare methods that Russia is trying to wage war without the use of contract soldiers, mercenaries, mobilization.“, he added.

The Russian army is opposed by a powerful army, fully supported by the most economically and technologically powerful countries, including European countries.“, concluded Nadezhdin.

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The TV host asked if Nadeshtin was advocating that Russia fully mobilize against Ukraine, to which he insisted that he wanted to start peace talks with Kiev.

I recommend holding peace talks to end the war and resolve the political issues.”Nadejdin also sent.

Nadezhdin’s outspoken criticism surprised Western commentators, noting that Guardian journalist Shaun Walker “always had the ‘NATO front guest’ on Russian chat shows who said relatively reasonable things and could then be demolished by others”.

But Boris Nadezhdin tells some alarming truths here that make you wonder if he’ll be arrested soon“, he wrote on Twitter.

The Russians fear that complete victory will not be achieved

In recent weeks, as Ukraine has launched its counter-offensive against Russian-held territory, some pundits on Russian television have criticized the war, and so far expressed firm support and confidence in Putin’s strategy on state television.

TV presenter Ivan Drushkin said in early September that the help Ukraine was receiving from the West could prevent Moscow from achieving “total victory”.

Drushkin says Ukraine’s war effort is underway.Coordinated with US approval or by someone there“.

It seems to me that, unfortunately, we cannot achieve total victory as long as there are outside powers willing to send in men, arm us, and fill our heads with serious information.“, he added.

Last week, The Daily Beast’s Julia Davis posted a video, which has gone viral with more than 1.5 million views, in which Russian experts criticize the course of the war in Ukraine.

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Check out this series of clips featuring panicked Kremlin propagandists on several state television programs discussing the tremendous successes of the Ukrainian armed forces in regaining control of Ukrainian territory.“, she added.

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