Gagauzia elections under the umbrella of Russia. Should they be cancelled?

This Sunday, May 14, 2023, the same day as the presidential elections in Turkey, the election for the governorship of the Caucasus (Baskan) took place. If it is still uncertain who will win the election battle between Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Kemal Kilicdaroglu in Ankara, in Kamrat, the “younger brothers” have decided who will win – dirty money.

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Unfortunately, there was no candidate who fought for the rights of the Gagauz minority, but rather two candidates, Evghenia Guśul and Grigorii Uzun, who proved to be more servile to Moscow. To better understand the linguistic composition of the autonomous region, we can analyze the number of ballots printed in these elections. Thus, for the second round of voting for the head of the Caucasus, 93572 ballots were printed, where 3617 (3.8%) were printed in the Caucasus, in Romanian – 3230 (3.4%) and in Russian – 86725 (92.6%). We observe in practice how the inhabitants of Caucasus, which have been continuously Russified up to the present moment, are Turks. It is not surprising that all the candidates in the Comrad elections approach a pro-Russian position, and in fact act as instruments of the Russian Federation, through which they try to oppose the pro-European vector announced at the central level.

Two candidates, one vision

Şor Party candidate Evghenia Guțul has won these disputed elections with 52.39% of the votes. It will become a Baskan of the Autonomous Republic of Khakassia and a member of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, provided that these elections are verified by the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Moldova, under the authority of the Central Electoral Commission of Kakausia.

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In the election campaign, Evghenia Guśul, along with fugitive oligarch sentenced to 15 years in prison, Ilan Řor and Marina Tauber, organizer of destabilization demonstrations in bad times, promised Gagauz people investments worth half a billion euros, ie. The amount stolen from the Moldovan bank robberies is commonly known as the “billion heist”. For example, they promised the residents of Gagauzia to build GagauzLand – an amusement park on the model of OrheiLand, a real business that launders dirty money, similar to the Chisinau airport offer. Most prominently in the campaign, the most beloved Russian artists and supporters of the war in Ukraine, Philip Kirkorov, Stas Mihailov, and Nikolai Baskov, campaigned for the Shor party candidate.

On the other hand, the former deputy of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova and in the People’s Assembly of the Caucasus, Grigory Uzun, was supported by the Socialist Party led by the former President of the Republic of Moldova Igor Dodan, where he received A good score of 47.61%. At election campaign demonstrations, Igor Dodan, along with a candidate with a criminal case for bodily harm, promised to bring Vladimir Putin to Kakauzia when Dodan became president again. Of course, this election campaign was an opportunity for Igor Dodan to campaign for the Socialist Party from his new position as PSRM leader, but this time he was unsuccessful.

European investment, pro-European candidate?

Unfortunately, not a single candidate with pro-European views participated in the two rounds of voting. Given the fact that in 1994, under pressure from the Russian Federation, Kakauzia gained its autonomy and implemented it by voting for the Agrarian Party of Moldova with pro-Russian views, Kakauzians without exception chose the eastern vector.

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Although the European Union and Romania have always had support and economic incentives towards Comrad, with projects worth billions of euros per year, the people of the Caucasus still do not understand who is investing the most in the region. Here we can mention the best national road of the Republic of Moldova, which is the road to Comrad, not to mention that Cacaocia is the region with the highest per capita subsidies in the country.

Why don’t we have a pro-European candidate who opens the eyes of the citizens to the hundreds of local development projects that are part of UTA Gagauzia through the modernization of schools, public institutions, kindergartens and water bodies? It is not only the duty of the ruling party to come up with a candidate, but also the duty of other pro-European and unionist parties.

The election campaign would have been an excellent opportunity to launch a real information campaign about the aid the EU and member states provide on a daily basis. However, the general Khakas, with access to sources of information intoxicated by Russian propaganda, believes that only the Russian Federation financially supports Khakassia, and he does not even trust Turkey, which he must feel close to.

Should the election be declared invalid?

I remind you that these days an investigation has been initiated by the Government of the Republic of Moldova in the Constitutional Court regarding the declaration of the Şor Party as an unconstitutional party. One more reason to feel the uncertainty of these elections. There is ample evidence that the Shore Party is indeed an organized criminal group that must be presented for constitutional judges to accept.

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As was the case with the 2021 campaign for the legislative elections in the Republic of Moldova, it is certain that these elections were rigged through voter-buying and corruption. As well as bribing voters to vote in various election ballots, Moldova is currently paying citizens to participate in anti-government protests.

It should be mentioned here that the representatives of the Şor Party are suspected of not only buying voters on the side of both candidates, but buying the support of local actors, but the candidates in the first round of the election for Baskan of Kakausiya. Therefore, it is very difficult to understand how such elections can be valid, but in this sense there will definitely be an investigation and the judiciary will decide the fate of these elections, which will not be called free or equal elections, but only corrupt. –Read the full article and comment on

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