Gerard Butler reveals that he sent Hilary Swank to the hospital

‘I almost killed her’: Gerard Butler reveals he sent co-star Hilary Swank to the hospital while filming PS I Love You

He was the one who was supposed to get hurt, but Gerard Butler reveals that co-star Hilary Swank was actually seriously injured while filming the 2007 romantic drama PS I Love You.

The 300th actor appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show this week and told the story about the accident on set that sent Swank to the hospital standing alone in his boxers.

He explained to Barrymore, “She’s so amazing and wonderful to work with that I almost killed her.”

Hilary Swank apparently forgave co-star Gerard Butler for the incident, and reunited years later at an event in 2011.

The actor explained that his character, Jerry Kennedy, was supposed to be hit in the face with a crocodile clip while undressing, but the metal lock bounced the other way and “slashed” Swank in the head instead.

The people using the camera had plastic fronts to protect themselves from that alligator clip, it was so dangerous I had to push on it and it would go past my face.

This time, I crawl towards the bed, he stumbles, breaks free, flies over my head, hits her in the head, gasps her head. I opened it so you can see the teeth [of the clip].

She must be taken to the hospital. Literally imagine this studio and in three seconds everyone is gone and I’m just sitting there in my boxer shorts and my shoes and my pair of socks and I’m just starting to cry.

Actor Gerard Butler dances around the room in a scene from the romantic drama PS I Love You

Hilary Swank as Holly Kennedy in the romantic drama PS I Love You

Gerard Butler dances around the room in panties and a brassiere during a scene from PS I Love You with co-star Hilary Swank.

He says he “almost watched” her and “made a laughing stock of me” while filming the scene.

Years later, Lover laughed at the incident while retelling the story, but said the experience gave him imposter syndrome at the time because he was too nervous to work with Swank.

During the segment, Butler also opened up about working with Katherine Heigl and Jennifer Aniston and wearing a leather Speedo in the 300 Collection.

The actor had nothing but high praise for his former co-stars, including Swank, who is currently pregnant with twins.

The first-time Academy Award winner revealed that she’s expecting twins with her husband during an appearance on Good Morning America in October.

The 48-year-old actress is currently expecting twins with her husband, Philip Schneider

The 48-year-old actress is currently expecting twins with her husband, Philip Schneider

The expectant mother – who also shared that twins run in her and her husband’s family – said, “I’m going to be a mother!” And not just to one, but to two.

“It’s so nice to be able to talk about it and share it,” she continued.

Butler can next be seen in the action movie Plane co-starring alongside Mike Colter, which hits theaters Jan. 13.


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