Gisele Bundchen, jiu-jitsu instructor Joachim Valente back in Costa Rica


We ABS-OLUTELY love Costa Rica!!!

together. once again. 😏

Model Gisele Bundchen With her jiu-jitsu instructor they meet in familiar territory – her home in Costa Rica, and she gives him a peek at her ex-husband, Tom Bradymay be missing.

Gisele showed off her perfectly toned abs on Monday as she did some exercises with them Joachim Valente … going out for a walk with a couple of cute puppies. We know GB retired from modeling years ago, but these still scream supermodel looks.

Costa Rica is quickly becoming a favorite destination for Giselle and Joaquim… We saw them there a couple of months ago, when they were Riding horses together through the woods.

Of course, Gisele and Tom used to frequent CR when they were married…for family trips and romantic getaways – but now Joaquim seems to be enjoying Gisele’s piece of heaven. We refer to its properties there.

A trip to Costa Rica seems to lend further credence to the idea that Gisele and Joaquim are more than just friends or jiu-jitsu friends… but they still haven’t officially introduced anything. Or informal, for that matter.

Camp Gesell was claiming Joachim’s tags on family trips to train her and her children … But they do a lot of things without the kids who, at least, look down on the couple.

Costa Rica seems to be Giselle and Joaquim’s territory now. But Tom He got his cats!!!

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