Gladys Knight says she wasn’t offended after being mistaken for Dionne Warwick at the US Open

Grammy-winning Motown legend Gladys Knight said she was not offended at being mistaken for fellow singer and actress Dionne Warwick after sports broadcasters misidentified the musicians during Wednesday’s US Open match between Serena Williams and Annette Kontaveit.

“Dion and I have been sisters for a long time, and I hope it’s her honor to have gone as wrong with me as I will be,” Knight said in a statement to NBC News. “I’m sure it was downright wrong. It was a blessing to be in the house to see the greatness of Serena.”

Gladys Knight in the stands at the US Open during Serena Williams’ game on August 29, 2022.Jane Katoff / GC Photos

However, Warwick mocked the apparent error.

“Hello, I’m Gladys Knight…and instead of taking this midnight train to Georgia, I won’t walk beside me but I’ll pray a little for you,” chirp.

Chanda Rubin is a black sports broadcaster and former tennis star, Confess in a tweet On Wednesday night, she misidentified Warwick in the crowd of onlookers, referring to her as Knight, who was also present at Arthur Ashe Stadium. In the tweet, Robin explained that the error occurred when she was looking at the tennis court where Nate was sitting and not at the screen of the show that showed Warwick. Mary Castillo, co-host of Robin, also mistakenly identified Warwick.

In the telecast, which has garnered more than 2.3 million views, Robin is heard saying, “Oh, you’ve got more stars,” with the camera focused on Warwick.

“Gladys Knight,” Castillo replies next, and Robin quickly echoes.

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Neither Robin nor Castillo responded to a NBC News request for comment.

The broadcasters’ mistake sparked a wave of backlash, with many on social media going to criticize the commentators.

Williams defeated Kontaveit in the match on Wednesday in what could be her last tournament, having been announced in August He plans to quit sports.

The viral clip comes just days after the actor Laverne Cox responded online for being mistaken for Beyoncé in the US Open.

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