Hallucinatory statements by ex-minister Andriy Marka: Ukraine should cede territories to Romania, Russia, Hungary and Poland

Hallucinatory statements of ex-minister Andriy Marka in the context of the war in Ukraine. Marka’s opinion was that Ukraine should be ceded to both Russia and Romania, Hungary and Poland. This is a similar message to Vladimir Putin’s message to justify the invasion of Ukraine.

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Andriy Marka’s video on Ukraine from the 48th minute

Andre Marca made these statements in Alba Iulia during the event where he released his book “The Law of Democracy”.

“We are in a completely special situation, and I say with full responsibility that Ukraine is on an unnatural border. It has to give up territories to Hungary – Transcarpathia, Poland – Galicia, Romania – Bukovina and Russia – Donbass and Crimea. We stick to other countries, that’s all, There will be conflict.

Let’s be very clear – there will be no peace in Europe unless the situation is resolved through a discussion and agreement with the US, Russia, Germany, Ukraine and China. “If there is no peace, democracy will suffer,” Andriy Marka said in response to a question about the war in Ukraine.

We don’t have classified documents that led to the situation in Ukraine. Personally, I’m all for political realism. The superpowers, the US, China, Russia and the European Union, need to understand a new security architecture in Europe and the world. Until this security framework is in place, and until it is still in place, until all parties come to the battlefield in Ukraine armed, democratization will not be possible in Ukraine or elsewhere. The rest are confiscated and diverted from democracy,” he said.

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Referring to Ukraine, Marka said: “Democracy still has a long way to go. At the moment, parties are banned there, television is controlled by one of them. There are very rich people who are leaving, leaving, leaving. Money is leaving the country, most of the people are leaving with money, everything is leaving, democracy or not. cannot develop. yet at the point of democracy”.

“Romania has nothing to do with this war. (…) Romania has all the resources to avoid the energy crisis,” the former minister declared.

Andrej Marka was the Minister of Education and Rector of the “Babes-Polyai” University in Cluj-Napoca.

“Stalin invaded the Soviet Union and transferred to Ukraine territories that previously belonged to Poland, Romania and Hungary. And in 1954, Khrushchev took Crimea from Russia and gave it to Ukraine, for various reasons” – this is Putin’s rhetoric.

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