He laments that the Russian oligarchy is living in “house arrest and practice” because of sanctions

Mikhail Friedman, head of the Russian oligarchy, says he came to live in “practically house arrest” because of the sanctions imposed on him as a result of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and his close ties to the Kremlin. Business Insider.

Michael Friedman complains that he can no longer live in LondonPhoto: Michael Zabridge / Toss / Profimedia

“The UK authorities have to pay me a certain amount so I can take a taxi and buy food, but if you look at the cost of living in London it would be much lower,” he told the Spanish newspaper. Country.

Friedman (unrelated to the Greek banking group Alpha Bank), the founder of Alpha-Bank in 1991, is one of Russia’s largest private bank, with an estimated net worth of $ 10.4 billion by Bloomberg.

He says he is now unsure whether the money received from the British government is enough to “live a normal life without excess.”

“I can’t take anyone to the restaurant. I want to eat at home, I’m practically under house arrest, “he complains, but says he does not want to leave London for a number of reasons.”

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The Russian oligarchy bought an impressive garden in London

Friedman also complains that he has invested billions of dollars in “the UK and other European countries”.

In London, he bought Athlon House in 2016, a 65 65 million Victorian garden.

In an interview with Bloomberg he complained that he had come to live in the British capital. 2,500 euros per month And that the West has forgotten its good deeds.

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The day the invasion began, Friedman was on a regular business trip to Moscow. He soon returned to London, where he says he spent the next few days answering frantic calls from Ukraine.

He Asked February 27thAnother well-known Russian oligarchy, along with Oleg Deripaska, ended the conflict in Ukraine without directly criticizing Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Russian oligarchy has been targeted by unprecedented sanctions in the West

The two Russian oligarchy, which had a strong influence on President Boris Yeltsin in the 1990s, is now facing an economic catastrophe after Western countries imposed tough sanctions on Russia following the war in Ukraine.

Earlier in March, Russia invited Mikhail Friedman to an interview with Bloomberg reporters Go to the Kaliningrad EnclaveSays there is a “historic” opportunity to renovate some of the castles in the area.

Friedman was one of only a handful of Russian oligarchs to impose sanctions on Britain, the United States, the European Union and other countries due to their close ties to the Kremlin.

In mid-March, London expanded List of executives and billionaires The Russians were allowed in with more than 350 new names. The British government added him to the list of sanctions President Roman AbramovichOwnership of Chelsea London Football Club, March 10.

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