High-precision Russian missiles fail in 60% of cases in Ukraine – US officials

High-precision Russian-guided missiles fail in 60 percent of cases in Ukraine, three U.S. officials told Reuters, and this could be an explanation for the Russian military’s difficulties.

Russian ships launch caliber missilesPhoto: TASS / Profimedia Images

After the invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Russia, despite having a larger army than Ukraine, failed to achieve its key goals, such as the elimination of the Ukrainian Air Force.

A failure rate of more than 20% can be considered high

U.S. officials who provided information on the anonymity did not specify why the Russian missiles had such a high failure rate. They told Reuters that a failure rate of more than 20% could be considered high.

Such a high failure rate would indicate both failed missiles and non-impact missiles.

Citing U.S. intelligence, citing U.S. intelligence, three U.S. officials estimate that the failure rate of Russian missiles varies from day to day, sometimes exceeding 50%, depending on the type of missile. Two of them said it had reached 60%.

High-precision guide ammunition refers to missiles aimed at a specific location, compared to “stupid bombs” (uninterrupted, undirected), which do not have precision targeting technology.

Cruise missiles CalipraBallistic missiles Iskander Or hypersonic missiles கிஞ்சி Are precise mounting types. Conversely, bombs, artillery missiles or grenades Smerch Or PRNDs Launches from planes and helicopters are examples of unmanned ammunition.

How many missiles does Russia have in Ukraine?

The Pentagon estimates that Russia has fired more than 1,100 missiles since the war began, U.S. defense officials said this week. However, US officials did not say how many of them reached their destination.

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In recent days, the Russian Defense Ministry praised the professional and technical level of the Russian military and said that reports of military defeats in Ukraine were part of a US-led campaign in Ukraine.

At least 1,081 civilians have been killed and 1,707 injured since the invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, according to data released by the UN on Friday, which says the actual death toll could be significantly higher.

In addition, about 3.7 million people have fled Ukraine in the past four weeks. In all, more than 10 million people, a quarter of Ukraine’s population, have been displaced, and the UN estimates that about 6.5 million people have been displaced. Estimated.

The bombing by Russian forces has hit residential areas, schools and hospitals in Ukrainian cities, and the port city of Mariupol has been hit hardest by the attacks. Russia, however, denies targeting so-called “special operations” in Ukraine.

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