Hollywood begins to abandon Joe Biden: George Clooney asks him to quit, and Jon Stewart removes his main argument Video

Actor George Clooney says every major Democratic politician he talks to thinks Biden will lose to Trump, even if they haven’t said so publicly yet.

The arts scene of Hollywood, considered a Democratic stronghold, has increasingly called for President Joe Biden to withdraw from the presidential race against Donald Trump.

Comedian-turned-politician Jimmy Dore joked years ago that Hollywood could trust everyone in the movie industry to be a Democrat.

Republicans have Clint Eastwood and “Charlton Heston’s Skull” on their side. The Skull Story is a joke about the fact that the legendary actor, who died in 2008, was best known for his conservative positions late in his life and as head of the National Rifle Association, the largest pro-gun lobby. Group in America.

But Hollywood now seems to be turning against Joe Biden. The current president of the United States and the Democratic candidate for a new term are under challenge after failing to erase the sense of doom left by the election debate with Donald Trump. He tried but failed in an almost unanimously incredulous interview with TV host George Stephanopoulos last Friday.

Stephanopoulos, a former communications director for Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign and then the White House, at one point asked Biden if he had seen the tape of the debate with Trump. “I don’t think I did, no,” was Biden’s hesitant response, again widely speculated by his critics. “How could he not remember if he saw the debate?” wrote one NYT contributor.

“Devastating” news about George Clooney, Joe Biden

In the NYT, which turned out to be a harsh critic, an opinion piece appeared by actor George Clooney, who met the president at a fundraiser just weeks before the debate. Clooney says Biden was confused by their meeting.

“It’s devastating to say this, but the Joe Biden I was with at a fundraiser three weeks ago is not the Joe ‘b-ing deal’ Biden of 2010,” George Clooney wrote in an op-ed released Wednesday. The New York TimesAlluding to the fact that he was one of the organizers of a Hollywood star-studded Biden campaign fundraiser about two weeks before the first presidential debate.

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“He’s not even the Joe Biden of 2020. He’s the same man we all saw in the debate,” Clooney added. “Was he tired? Yes. Did he have a cold? Maybe yes. But our party leaders need to stop telling us that 51 million people didn’t see what we saw,” the actor wrote.

Clooney, a self-described lifelong Democrat, added: “We’re not going to win in November with this president. Besides, we won’t win the House of Representatives, we’ll lose the Senate.”

The actor says Democrats know not only that Biden will lose, but that he will drag the party down.

“This is not just my opinion; “That’s the opinion of every senator, congressman and governor I’ve spoken to personally,” Clooney added. “To each his own, whatever he or she says publicly,” he said.

Clooney praised Biden and said he considered him a friend.

“I believe in him. I believe in his character. I believe in his discipline. In the last four years, he’s won many of the battles he’s faced,” Clooney wrote.

“But the only battle he can’t win is the fight against time,” the Hollywood star pointed out.

Michael Douglas ‘very concerned’ about November election

Michael Douglas was asked about Biden’s chances in an interview with “The View” shortly after George Clooney’s NYT op-ed was published. He reiterated his admiration for Joe Biden, but expressed concern about his prospect for a new post.

“I’m not necessarily worried about today or tomorrow, but a year from now, I’m worried. I’m worried,” he said. Asked for Clooney’s opinion that Democrats risk losing the November election with Biden and that the stakes in this election are too high, he said:

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“I think he’s saying the right thing. I’m deeply, deeply concerned.”

Another Hollywood veteran called on Biden to drop out of the race starting Sunday

“It’s time to stop fooling around,” wrote American actor and producer Rob Reiner, who has starred in more than 80 films and series, and is credited as a producer on 30.

“If a convicted felon wins, we lose our democracy,” said the 77-year-old actor, who was cited in a New York investigation into alleged fraud in payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential campaign.

“It’s time for Joe Biden to step down,” concluded Reiner, a prominent Democratic supporter and donor.

The Netflix co-founder says Biden doesn’t want to admit his deteriorating mental state

Another Hollywood donor to the Democratic Party, Netflix co-founder Reed Hastings, last week urged Joe Biden to withdraw from the November 5 US presidential election.

“Unfortunately, Biden is in denial about his mental state. He must step aside to allow a strong Democratic leader to defeat Trump,” he said in comments. ABC News Last Saturday.

The duo’s calls came after American filmmaker Damon Lindelof earlier last week.lost, the rest, Guards) issued an admonition on the same note in an opinion editorial published by DeadlineA site specializing in the film industry.

Under the headline “Joe Biden Must Go and Democrats Must Wake Up,” he said the Democratic presidential candidate should drop out of the race “now” and urged Hollywood celebrities to refuse to donate money to the Democratic Party unless Biden is replaced. .

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“When they ask for money, write back that you haven’t given them a dime, and you won’t change your mind until there’s a change on top of the nomination,” he insisted.

Jon Stewart dismantles the Democrats’ main argument for keeping Joe Biden in the race

Popular comedian and television host Jon Stewart returned in January to host “The Daily Show” after a 9-year hiatus due to the importance of the November elections.

In comments made during Monday night’s edition of the show, Stewart emphasized that he was not advocating for Biden to drop out of the race. But he insists it’s important to “open a conversation” about it. It is not exactly a pro-democracy argument that the demands of the Democratic Party should be upheld without comment.

“I’m by no means saying Biden should retire, but can’t we insist on testing his candidacy? Can’t we open the conversation? Is there an opportunity here? How many Americans are desperate for inspiration or any shadow of leadership in this choice between a megalomaniac (no Trump reference) and a suffocating gerontocracy?” Did you know they’re thirsty? It crushes our bad spirits,” said John Stewart.

“Do you have any idea what awaits you?” he openly asked Democratic leaders. He criticized their argument that the party did not have enough time to field another candidate before the November elections. Stewart joked that 4 months was too short a time.

“Four months is a bloody eternity! Britain had elections in two months. France had two in one month, defeated fascism and had time to have a relationship with Denmark,” he joked.

“You idiots, come to my house and tell me to my face that America, Bruce Springsteen’s America, can’t have better elections than the French? Is that what you’re telling me?” he continued.

“It has competitors [reality show-ul] A bachelor who has yet to meet the person he is going to marry and divorce between now and the election,” he added.

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