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We know everyone in the Northern Hemisphere has had a hellish summer, and there’s little room for empathy when someone comes out, “Oh, yeah? Do you think that’s exciting? Well, lemme tells you…” But you have to pity someone who lives in North Texas And he has a Quonset steel shack for a shop. That must be just dumb hot.

But the stupid heat can be solved – or at least mitigated – with a little intelligence, which is what happens [Wesley Treat] brought to bear This cleverly designed shop door heat shield. When the temperature exceeds 42 degrees Celsius—sorry, that doesn’t seem anywhere near the end of the world like 108 degrees Fahrenheit—the south-facing folding door of his shop becomes a giant frying pan, radiating heat into his air-conditioned shop that’s hard to handle. His idea was to block that radiant heat with a collapsible barrier, but to make sure it was worth the effort, he mocked some potential designs and took measurements of the performance of each. His experiments showed him that an insulating layer of extruded polystyrene foam (XPS) covered with reflective mylar was better than foam or just mylar.

The ultimate heat shield is a massive, three-fold plywood monster that sticks to the door when things get warm in the store. There is a large temperature difference between the metal door and the inner surface of the shield, which hopefully will keep the store more comfortable. We imagine that the air between the door and the shield would still heat up, and the convection could distribute all that hot air into the shop. But he at least gives AC a fighting chance.

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Plus great shopping tips like this and custom storage boxesAnd the [Wesley] he is talented sign maker. It’s pretty funny too – or maybe that’s just some hot talk.

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