How an American historian dispels the myth that a nuclear power like Russia cannot defeat war in Ukraine

Russia is currently acting as a colonial power. However, Ukrainian conquests of Russia are not surprising because nuclear powers often fail in wars, says Timothy D. Snyder, an American historian who specializes in the modern history of Central and Eastern Europe.

In a series of ten posts on Twitter, the author of the book The Path to FreedomDispels the myth that a nuclear power like Russia cannot defeat war in Ukraine. Further, Timothy D. Snyder He recalls the Cold War in the neighboring country to provide a historical perspective on the current war, which began on February 24 with Vladimir Putin.

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American Professor Timothy D. Snyder’s Comments:

  • About the Russian-Ukrainian war, many commentators began with the assumption that nuclear war could not be defeated. These statements are absurd and dangerous.
  • It is traditionally repeated that the Cold War showed us that nuclear forces cannot be defeated. In fact, the Cold War proved otherwise. Nuclear powers have lost wars all the time.
  • Who won the war between the United States (nuclear weapon) and North Vietnam? North Vietnam, of course.
  • Who won the war between the Soviet Union (nuclear weapon) and Afghanistan? Afghanistan, of course.
  • The Cold War was a period of decolonization in which the colonial powers lost decisive wars to states or colonial movements. Russia today behaves like a colonial power.
  • In recent decades, it has become very common for a small state to defeat a large state on the battlefield.
  • Nuclear powers lose wars; Big countries often do; And the imperialist powers will be humiliated. Historically, the Ukrainian victory over Russia came as no surprise.
  • Lack of understanding of history will make the Ukrainian conquest even more difficult. When we learn the wrong lessons from the past, we apologize for our inaction.
  • If Ukraine loses this war, it will not be for defeat. Ukrainians are doing what they can, and history shows us that they have a chance.
  • If Ukraine loses this war, others may have used the misunderstanding of history to give bad reasons for wasting time in the weeks defining the coming decades.
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Ukraine is important to Europe because if Europe is to survive in the future, it must take responsibility for its integration program. eu It must recognize that there are competitors for the integration program. It must also recognize that if the EU is to continue, it must continue to be attractive to countries within its borders. Europe must continue to allow countries within its borders. Either Ukraine will be closer to Europe and in a way part of the European integration program, or Ukraine will be dominated by a neighboring empire, “Professor Snyder said in a separate post on Twitter.

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Opinion of the American Historian Timothy D. Snyder Comes later Vladimir Putin compared himself to Peter the Great during a meeting with young Russian entrepreneurs on Thursday. And suggested a parallel between the Ukraine invasion and the Tsar’s war against the Swedes. Putin said then, as now, that Russia was withdrawing its territory, which may take time.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky compared Russia’s invasion with Kovit-19, describing weapons and sanctions as a threat to Ukraine’s military situation in the Donbass.

The Ukrainian military maintains control of industrial areas in Chevroletonesk, while Russia controls the city from the front line, focusing on airstrikes, artillery and mortar fire.

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In some cases, according to the Ukrainian military, the number of Russian artillery is 10 to one more than the guards, and about a third of Russia’s troops are concentrated around the city, where there are about 10,000 civilians, many of them elderly.

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Both sides suffered heavy fighting casualties. Ukraine has acknowledged that the death toll on the Donbass frontier could be as high as 100 or more soldiers a day.

U.S. Senator looks at map of evolution of Ukrainian front. Photo: Profimedia Images

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Pedro Kuzik, commander of the Svoboda National Guard battalion in Ukraine, said Ukrainians were attracting Russians to street fights to cancel the benefit of Russian artillery.

Separately, Russia’s Permanent Representative to the UN has told the BBC that Moscow’s forces are making steady progress in Ukraine and that the eastern Donetsk and Lukansk regions will soon be occupied.

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