How long will the war with Russia last? Is Ukraine likely to win? A comprehensive analysis

As for the civilians, at least, it was a disaster, and I think we already see the consequences of this catastrophe in Ukraine, because even in this three-month war, civilians were the main targets.

The greatest pain is that Russia is using its military capabilities primarily against civilians, destroying apartments, houses, city centers, and areas with no military contact at all.

It demonstrates Russia’s intention to intimidate the Ukrainian people, to leave Russia’s territory, to turn Ukraine into a protracted and painful protracted conflict, and to turn it into a conflict on the northern border of the United States. Romania also has important interests that we are well aware of, greatly complicating all provisions in Romania and the Black Sea and all the provisions of international law.

Why does Kiev need these modern weapons? He must defend his country. To regain his territory occupied by a barbaric nation. Invading Ukraine should inform Europe that this continent should not and should not be endangered.

Ukraine must be supported by the entire civilized, democratic world, which is happening and is in fact an exceptional mix, which we will see in the lessons learned after defeating Russia and reclaiming its territory from Ukraine, i.e. the exceptional mix between these courageous. The country totally and utterly special and massive Western support.

This is the first time the United States has provided $ 40 billion in military aid since the end of the Cold War and the fall of communism! Great! If you want, we all understand that this is the Marshall Plan for Security, from its rhetoric, statements and misrepresentations that Russia wants to fight with the whole West, the United States and NATO. , With the European Union.

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They were not satisfied with the invasion of Ukraine. It is being used as an excuse by people like Putin, Psyche, Medvedev, Lavrov, who, since the beginning of this bloody and irrational war, have launched countless attacks and false excuses to re-establish all security policies in Europe. Not only is this intolerable, but I am sure the Russians will learn a tough lesson from the Ukrainians, who are better and better armed by the West and can defend their country. Part of the Black Sea Basin, for Odessa, we will see an exceptional defensive lesson in the coming period, which we hope will be a signal of Russia’s defeat in a war.

I think Putin has taught Russia a very painful lesson since he came to power in 1999. It has always been said that Putin brought back Russia’s pride, restored Russia’s power and brought a sense of great power to Russian citizens.

Well, at this point, Vladimir Putin, probably one of the weakest strategists the world has ever known, was able to dust off all of these ideas. Well, Russia is losing all its power. She could not even cross a river with the glorious Red Army! Well, the famous Red Army loses the primacy of the Black Sea Navy, which was attacked by several drones of the Ukrainian army! All of these elements together show one of the greatest military defeats in history.

An army never lost 12 generals in 80 days after World War II. These are unprecedented issues, and Russia will not only lose its status as a major power, but will struggle for years to lick its military, economic and political wounds following the huge mistake made by Vladimir Putin.

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