How much will the family of a Russian soldier who died in the war in Ukraine get? How much has the ruble fallen since the beginning of the conflict?

Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed an order determining the amount to be paid to the families of Russian soldiers killed and wounded in the conflict in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin and Russian soldier at the evening dressing ceremonyPhoto: Alexei Nikolsky / TASS / Profimedia Images

Thus, the family members of a soldier who died in Ukraine will receive 5 million rubles, and the wounded soldier will receive 3 million rubles.

Interestingly, however, the ruble has fallen sharply since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine on February 24.

Thus, 5 million rubles represents 55,000 euros on February 23, and 47,500 euros today on March 5.

3 million rubles 33,000 euros on February 23 and 28,500 euros on March 5.

Vladimir Putin announced A few days before the financial compensation For families of Russian soldiers killed or wounded in the war in Ukraine, and for financial bonuses for soldiers still employed in Ukraine.

  • “Legal insurance and flat-rate benefits will be transferred to all military family members who died during a special military operation in Ukraine. This amounts to 7,421,000 rubles. Each member of the family of the deceased will receive monthly cash compensation,” the head of state said in a meeting with permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation.
  • “In addition, I believe it is necessary to set an additional fee of 5 million rubles for each family of the dead soldier, military personnel and employees of other law enforcement agencies involved in the operation,” Putin said.
  • Ukraine also announced additional payments for those injured in the invasion. “All players injured during the operation will receive an adequate amount, that is, insurance and one-time compensation for injury or concussion,” the head of state said.
  • “If a soldier serving under a contract is declared ineligible for military service due to injury, he will receive a total of 2,968,000 thousand rubles, and in case of disability – monthly cash compensation,” he said. “All of these measures are already provided for by law.”
  • “At the same time, I think it is necessary for the Ministry of Defense to provide additional payments of 3 million rubles each to employees of the military, military and other law enforcement agencies, as well as to those who took part in this operation and were injured.” Said the Russian president
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