How to get the gravity suit in Metroid Prime Remastered

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New Nintendo Metroid Prime Remastered—Physical copies of the Switch game released on February 22, If you can get your hands on one-There are many Things in it. As you guide unwavering bounty hunter Samus Aran around the jagged planet Tallon IV, you’ll pick some valuable upgrades and modifications for your powerful spacesuit. The Boost ball will help you curl Samus into a fast silver ball, for example, the flamethrower melts through opponents and thick ice slabs, the x-ray visor allows you to see every bone in the enemy’s body, and so on. The Gravity suit, which gives Samus unblocked exploration of the underwater areas, is one of the most important and important members of this Things, but it may be a bit difficult to find it on your own. This is where you come in.

Here’s everything you need to know about getting a Gravity suit.

Can you get a gravity suit Metroid Prime Remastered early?

Not really, unfortunately. Getting the Gravity Suit requires Ice Beam, which requires the Spider Ball upgrade, which requires you to beat the Boulder boss Thardus, which reminds me…

Requirements before getting a gravity suit

Before you try to find the Gravity suit, you need to make sure you remove most of the snow-covered Phendrana Drifts, including its mini-boss Sheegoth and real boss Thardus. Continue once you have…

  • wave beam
  • Super missile
  • thermal mask
  • Spider ball
  • and ice beam

… Gravity Suit is the next timeline update.

Ripley flies over the Phendrana Drifts.

He looks welcome.
screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Now head to Phendrana Drifts (again)

At this point in the game, you’re probably used to running to and from Drifts for upgrades, but you may still feel unsure about which path is right for you. It’s not your fault, Google Maps never made it to Tallon IV.

Well, you’ve grabbed the Ice Beam from the Chozo Ruins’ rock waiting room and saved your game at the nearest station. excellent. Now grab your ass and start another journey to Phendrana Drifts.

From the waiting room, go left through the doors so you can scan and enter the Tallon Overworld South Elevator. Or, alternatively, if you’d like, there’s an energy tank and artifact you can pick up—go back to the Hall of Elders to solve the tank’s Morph Ball puzzle, go to the Suntower, scan four runes, and then get the Artifact of Wild from the Sunchamber .

Whether you’re hopping on now from Tallon Overworld or taking the Magmoor Caverns North lift near Sunchamber, your next goal is to reach Caverns’ Monitor Station. When you’re there, cross the bridge to get to the Phendrana Drifts North lift; Use it, access Phendrana Shorelines, and save your game.

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You have options from here. Cycle through Ice Ruins West until you return to the Research Center to grab a Rocket Expansion along the way, in Research Lab Hydra. wee New Snow Beam to open the frosty door in this room, then go through the Pike Access doorway to get to the Frozen Pike. Or, alternatively, you can head back to Thardus’ boss room, Quarantine Cave, ignore the nearby Magmoor elevator, and complete the Spider Ball maze to get to Frozen Pike.

Either way, once you enter Frozen Pike, you will need to open the purple door using the Wave Beam. It leads to Frost Cave Access, which leads to Frost Cave, which is another save point. Save there, then bend left to Upper Edge Tunnel and Phendrana Edge.

You are so close now! Get into the water and go through the doors until you reach the Gravity Room – the Gravity suit, marked with an S-shaped Metroid symbol, spins like a coin on the other side of the room, on the left. The heat shield should help you identify it, making it appear yellow in the mud.

Notice indicating that you have received a Gravity Suit.

screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

Where do you go after getting the gravity suit?

The Gravity Suit allows you to move and see more easily underwater, and with it equipped, you’ll have access to the Wave Beam door that leads to Hunter Cave, Frozen Pike, and eventually the Magmoor Caverns South Elevator. Push your way back to the landing site in the Tallon Overworld. Go to the frigate crash site and start swimming – there is an underwater area that you can now easily explore. I know this is basically where I started, but you have to spend money to make money.

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