HP is simplifying its product lineup and adding laptops powered by “artificial intelligence” technology.

Buying a laptop from a major manufacturer like HP can be infuriating, mainly because there are so many options. HP and other laptop manufacturers do this to give us all “choice,” but if you’re the type who uses “RAM” and “storage” interchangeably, these choices can be confusing — which may be one reason why HP For today’s big AI and Windows on Arm moment to completely clean up the lineup.

Gone are the Envys, Pavilions, and Dragonflies, replaced by the consumer-focused OmniBook and business-oriented EliteBook and ProBook. Either way, the idea is to simplify things for people who just want to buy a laptop.

However, you’ll still need a legend to fully decipher things. I’ll link the charts provided by HP below, but for example, HP’s new “AI-powered PCs” are called the HP OmniBook Each of these is still full of name. But boy, they’re some good-looking laptops, too. The white OmniBook

Yes, you need a chart to sort the new lineup, but this still seems simpler than the way HP handled things previously.
Image: HP

I was there to get a recap of the new branding exercise and talk about what exactly HP means when it says AI PC. (I’ve also looked at the new laptops, but haven’t turned them on, and haven’t taken photos.) This is a phrase you’ll hear a lot when Qualcomm launches the new Snapdragon X Elite. Wizards and Microsoft are leaning towards more AI fads.

For HP, the biggest difference between an AI laptop and a regular computer is the neural processing unit, or NPU. It must be able to perform at least 40 trillion operations per second. The new OmniBook

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When I asked Pierre-Antoine Robineau and Corey McIlroy — vice presidents of HP’s consumer and business portfolios, respectively — what this actually means for everyday people, they were quick to note that the AI ​​revolution, such as it was, is still in its early days and that a large part of the appeal New laptops and newer PCs equipped with AI technology are due to their future-proofing. But they also noted that it will be useful to those who rely on AI workflows today and will be able to help with things like translation and accessibility.


I’m partial to this white OmniBook.
Image: HP

Many of HP’s AI features are fairly mundane. You’ll be able to access a prompt window for ChatGPT-3.5 on HP AI laptops using the built-in AI Companion. This program also includes AI-powered computer performance optimization, similar to what Nvidia has been doing for years with DLSS. There’s also a new app called Poly Camera Pro that builds on what HP has learned from it Polly A video conferencing brand to give you a range of AI-powered camera controls like blurred backgrounds, filters, and auto framing. Most importantly, Poly Camera Pro should work with any webcam, not just the built-in one, and should work with most major video conferencing apps, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet.

In addition to new software features and Snapdragon processors, the OmniBook They’re both thin (just 0.55 inches at its thinnest and 0.57 inches at its thickest) and lightweight (2.97 pounds). Both feature built-in webcam covers that are so well integrated that you wonder why they aren’t standard on every laptop from every laptop maker. Both start with 16GB of RAM and have 14-inch touchscreens with a 2240 x 1400 resolution — though the OmniBook maxes out at 32GB of RAM, while the EliteBook maxes out at 16GB.

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McIlroy claimed It’s about 17 percent faster than a similarly specced MacBook Pro with an M3 processor. HP chose to compare its new laptops to the MacBook Pro rather than the Air because both the MacBook Pro and HP laptops use small fans to keep the Arm processors cool, while the Air uses passive cooling.

As for battery life, those claims were similarly impressive. They said they get about 22 hours of battery life when playing Netflix and up to 20 days of battery life in standby mode.

The OmniBook The EliteBook Ultra AI will start at $1,699.99 and will start shipping the same day.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions for HP, Qualcomm, and Microsoft when it comes to these new laptops. Is it really as fast as what Apple is doing? Will the “AI-powered personal computer” really matter to people? We’ll get more clarity closer to the launch of these laptops when we review them.

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