Hungary’s reaction after Romania’s was not accepted in Schengen. “Infinite Hypocrisy”

Romania and Bulgaria would be eligible to join the Schengen area because they actively protect their borders and have done a lot to prevent illegal migration, Hungarian Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister Peter Szijardo wrote.

In a post he posted on Facebook, Szijjártó wrote: On Thursday, in Brussels, the EU member states voted. Subject to the reception of Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria in the Schengen area. Croatia is accepted, but Romania and Bulgaria cannot join, “both deserve it”.

“Why couldn’t they join? Well, because two member states – Austria and the Netherlands – vetoed their welcome. All the others. Now where are the professional commentators, where are the people who worry about EU unity, where are the MEPs who want to abolish consensus decision-making, where are the ever-complaining mainstream liberal journalists? , where are the bureaucrats in Brussels, where are the ministers? Liberal governments?”, asked the head of Hungarian diplomacy.

Péter Szijjártó continued his post, asking that this silence be compared to the “noise” of every Hungarian national position in the Brussels disputes.

“The liberal mainstream has once again shown its boundless hypocrisy: if a Central European country appeals for a veto, it’s the end of the world, it’s the destruction of European unity; if Western Europeans call for a veto, that’s okay,” wrote Peter Szijardo.

Hungary expressed its support for Romania’s accession

Border controls As a result of the agreement, the 344-kilometer border between Hungary and Croatia will be abolished as of January 1, 2023. Integration of Croatia in the Schengen Free Movement Area.

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Redwari pointed out Hungary has always supported Romania’s accession to Schengen And Bulgaria, in addition to Croatia, in their view, can also increase the level of protection of the external borders of the European Union.

Additionally, the Hungarian official noted that Romania’s accession would facilitate border crossings for ethnic Hungarians living in Romania.

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