“If you want to see my baby again, do as he says, he took the knife and told me” – the test of a Ukrainian woman during the Russian occupation

A 31-year-old Ukrainian woman from a village in Kharkov was one of the women who was sexually abused by the Russian military during Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He claims to have been repeatedly raped by a Russian soldier who attacked him and cut his neck and face. According to CNN, unlike other women who failed to escape Russian torture, she says she endured everything to see her baby again and was “lucky” to be alive.

Russian forces in the Kharkov regionPhoto: Twitter

On March 13, an armed soldier entered the basement of a school where the woman was staying with her 5-year-old daughter, mother, 13-year-old sister and 24-year-old brother. The man was armed with an assault rifle and pistol. He ordered them to stand in line and made the young man come forward and kneel. Otherwise, he would have shot them all.

The woman said the man returned an hour or two after leaving and ordered them to follow him as they prepared to go to sleep.

“He shot the ceiling a couple of times and said it would give me more motivation.”

  • “He pointed a gun at me and told me to take off my clothes. He shot the ceiling a couple of times and said it would give me more motivation.
  • He raped me and told me to sit in the chair. The school was cold, there was no heating system and I asked him if I could wear clothes. He replied that I could only take off my blouse and not my underwear or pants, ”the woman said.
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The man, who told her she looked like an ex-schoolmate, sent her to the basement to pick up her belongings.

  • “I refused because I knew my little girl would cry if she saw me. At that moment, he picked up a knife and said, “If you want to see my baby again, do as he says.”
  • He raped me again, stabbed me in the neck and cut the skin off my neck. He cut my cheek and part of my hair. He hit me in the face with a book and slapped me again and again, “the woman told News.ro.

At 7 a.m. on March 14, the man asked her to bring a cigarette, gave it to him and he left. On the same day, the woman came to Cargo with her family as a herdsman, where she received the medical help she needed.

He says he is “lucky” to be alive.

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