Indian authorities have cut off internet access to avoid “malpractice” in an exam

Authorities in the northeastern Indian state of Assam on Sunday ordered a four-hour suspension of internet services in several districts in the region to avoid “bad practices” during the written exams of the civil service exam, EFE reported.

“Dear customer, as per government orders, mobile internet services will be temporarily suspended from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm,” he informed his users on Sunday. Airtel, the regional telephone company.

The suspension in 25 districts of the state of Assam comes against the backdrop of exams for nearly 30,000 government posts in this northeast Indian region, for which more than a million students have registered.

The government’s directive, which proposed to make Sunday’s exam free, said, “Situations have been observed in the past during exams where unscrupulous persons engage in dishonest means such as use of Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube. , fair and transparent” method.

As a result, the regional government has announced that there will be no internet service in all the districts where the examination will be held.

At the same time, candidates are not allowed to carry mobile phone or any other electronic devices while entering the exam.

Assam government chief Himanta Biswa Sharma justified the move to allow recruitment of thousands of new government employees as needed for the benefit of public administration.

“If 30,000 (candidates) can be selected only on merit, the face of the government will change,” a local official was quoted as saying by the Indian Express newspaper this week.

Agerpres quoted EFE as saying that heavy drinking of coffee in exams is a common thing in the Asian country.

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In 2018, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) ordered re-exams for 2.8 million students after questions from written exams surfaced on WhatsApp.

Earlier, in the state of Bihar (East), more than 300 persons – candidates, relatives and friends – were arrested for industrial-scale copying or helping others in several exams.

Author: Liviu Kojan

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