Irina Begu – Jasmine Paolini in the first round at Roland Garros, live on GSP

GSP Article – Monday, May 23, 2022, 9:24 PM / Updated Monday, May 23, 2022 10:15 PM

Irina Begu (31, 63 WTA) is now battling Italian Jasmine Boyolini (26, 55 WTA) in the first round of Roland Garros.

  • The competition is the last day in Field 5, live on and live on TV on Eurosport

Live. Irina Begu – Jasmine Paulini 4-6, 2-1

  • At the start of the second set, Begu was suspended 1-1 and took control.
  • Although the set started roughly, Paulini won the first act 40 minutes later.
  • After Irina Begu’s double, Paulini won with 3 points in a row, restoring equality. At the end of the set Pegu made some compelling mistakes.
  • Paolini opens the game better and better, using the diagonal on the forehand, but was destroyed by the Romanian’s superior service.
  • Irina starts the game with a break, she has emotions at work, she is tied with 40-40, but she walks away.
  • The game has begun. 16 degrees in Paris at the start of the game.

Pegu and Paulini fought three more rounds in the circuit, with the Romans winning two. If he wins tonight, Begu will play in the next round with the winner of the match Ekaterina Alexandrova – Gritze Minnan.

For participating in the first round, both players received a prize worth 62 62,000 and 10 WTA points each.

86,000 eurosThe winner of this fight and will get 70 WTA points

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