It’s not just you: Steam suddenly looks great

In April, Valve revealed that it was Steam overhauled in a big way – Not just a fresh coat of paint, but also standardization of the codebase between desktop, Big Picture mode, and Steam Deck interfaces, adding new features such as handy cloud notepad and linkable panels in the in-game overlay, revamping its web browser, screenshot manager, and bookmarks Notifications tab, hardware acceleration added for Linux and Mac.

While a lot of that was available in beta, the day will go on wide with Full stable release. So if your Steam looks somewhat different, this is why!

And the reader, and my fellow gamers, are so impressed with how much we love this coat of paint. Despite the older changes to the Store and Library tabs, Steam seemed like an outdated app for a very long time, and now it’s awesome! “I finally fell in love with Steam,” said my colleague Tom Warren.

Cloud notepad on desktop.
Image: valve

Me, I’m still very excited about the cloud notepad, which I can also confirm is now working on the Steam Deck – although it doesn’t look like you can use it as a transparent overlay in-game like you can on the desktop yet. You can find it from within the game by hitting the Steam button, then scrolling down to Notes.

Cloud Notepad on Steam Deck.
Screenshot by Sean Hollister / The Verge

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