Joe Biden has unveiled plans to build pits on Ukraine’s borders to facilitate grain exports

U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday unveiled a Western plan to build pits on Ukraine’s border to facilitate grain exports as Russia besieges Black Sea ports that have caused a global crisis, Agerpres reports.

Joe Biden blamed Vladimir Putin, the Russian envoy for the military occupation of Ukraine in late February, for high US food prices, and warned that plans to build new infrastructure would “take time.”

“We are working closely with our European allies to bring 20 million tonnes of frozen grain to market to help bring down food prices in Ukraine,” the Democratic leader said in a speech in Philadelphia.

“Putin’s war was not only trying to destroy the culture of the Ukrainians, to destroy the people, to commit countless war crimes, but also to prevent the grain from coming out, thousands of tons of blocked grain,” he said. Joe Biden.

The White House chief added that alternative land exports are complicated by the fact that Ukrainian trains use a different route than rail networks in neighboring countries.

To help remove the blockage, he said, “We will build silas, temporary pits on the borders of Ukraine, including Poland, so that these wagons can be used to transfer the silos (grains) in question to wagons in Europe. Take them to sea. And around the world,” he said.

Photo source: Council of Europe

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