Joe Biden: “I’m not just in the campaign, I’m running the world. I’m the one who stopped Putin”

During the interview, Biden talked about the main achievements of his presidency and pointed to his support for Ukraine and uniting more than 50 international allies against the war in Ukraine started by Russia.

Biden insisted he was in good shape and could defeat Donald Trump in the presidential election.

Asked if he would agree to undergo an independent medical examination that would include neurological and cognitive tests, Biden said he takes cognitive tests “every day.”

“You know, I’m not just on the campaign trail, I’m running the world. It sounds like an exaggeration, but we’re the most vital nation in the world… I’m the one who put NATO together, the future. No one thought it could be expanded. I’m the one who stopped Putin”.

In an interview with ABC News on Friday, July 5, US President Joe Biden said he was “exhausted” on the night of the debate with Donald Trump, but he didn’t think anyone was “more qualified” to defeat him. Republican Party in Presidential Elections. Asked if he would quit if Democrats told him it hurt their re-election chances, Biden said: “If God Almighty comes down from heaven and says, ‘Joe, get out of the race,’ I’ll quit. Race. God Almighty doesn’t come down.”

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