John Lynch: Tre Lance has to prove he can stay healthy

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The 49ers have had several quarterback injuries over the past few years, be it Jimmy GaroppoloAnd Tri Lanceor later Brooke Purdy.

Garoppolo’s injury history was part of the reason the club walked out and traded for Lance.

In the season-closing press conference on Wednesday, general manager John Lynch was asked if there was something the 49ers could do to find a solution to their injury issues or if it was something beyond the club’s control. When he did, he said something interesting about the team’s No. 3 overall selection from 2021.

“I really think it’s a difficult situation to play in this league,” said Lynch. “I understand there are some players who are incredibly tough. Like Kyle [Shanahan] He said previously, I think Brock has been incredibly persistent throughout his career. He got into an awkward situation where he was trying to throw the ball downfield, and he had an NFL edge rush that pulled your arm the other way. It just won’t hold up, so that stinks.

“Tre had his issues and Trey has been horrible here the last couple of years. Obviously he’s going to have to prove he can stay healthy, but I know there were periods early in my career where I struggled to stay healthy and then I went eight years without missing a beat. Anything. So that happens sometimes. And yeah, I’m sure people are wondering, Jimmy has his issues, but believe me, nothing to do with the way we play in the middle or anything else.

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“I think it’s just a coincidence and we look at everything, but I don’t think we have any more of a problem than anyone else. I think that’s a difficult situation in this league.”

Lance only started four games in the two seasons and was not supposed to start as a starter. But he suffered a knee injury in 2021 before breaking his ankle in the second week of the season.

At this point, the 49ers will ostensibly head into 2023 with Lance and Purdy as their top quarterback picks — though Lance should presumably have a leg up on going into training camp since he’ll be available to take reps during the offseason program. Either way, the 49ers could benefit from better injury luck

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