JULIAN EDLMAN: Mack Jones should have taken down Chandler Jones

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick hasn’t had much public criticism to give about Stanford’s bizarre overtime-shortened play against the Raiders, perhaps because he knows it’s his own damned mistake for not ordering the offense to give up the tie play and grab a knee in the 24-24 tie with three seconds and 55 left. yard for dirt. Regardless, others associated with the franchise offer critical feedback, constructive or otherwise.

Former Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman had an interesting suggestion about this week Inside the NFL.

“The season is on the line,” Edelman said via NESN.com, referring to the quarterback Mac Jones. “You have to find it. “

We put aside the question of whether Mac Jones can do anything Chandler Jones Other than being planted in the turf by a stiff arm, an effective flight would have prevented Chandler Jones from scoring. However, that would not have resulted in overtime.

If officially released properly, Mac Jones will be called to stumble. The penalty kick was 10 yards from the spot of the foul. Since the trip was going to happen at the New England 44, the Raiders were going to get unlimited timing from the Patriots 34.

That’s a 52-yard field goal. If kicker Daniel Carlsonwho has made nine of his 11 field goals from 50 yards or more this season, paid off the effort, and the Raiders could have won.

There’s also a chance, albeit a very slim one, that officials would have deemed Mack Jones’ blatant game-saving drive a “patently unfair act,” awarding the Raiders the touchdown and victory.

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Rule 12, Section 3, Rule 4, states, “Neither a player nor a substitute shall interfere with play by any act that is manifestly unfair.” Rule 11, Section 2, Rule 1(e) allows the referee to award a touchdown to “a team that was denied by an obviously unfair action.”

Were the officials really going to do that? Nobody knows, because it didn’t happen. The point is, Edelman’s tip would have prompted, at the very least, a straightforward field goal attempt. At most, the raiders could have landed anyway, if the stark flight intended to save the day had been deemed manifestly unfair.

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