Julian Sands – LIVE: Fellow climber shares touch as the search for the missing actor enters Day 10

Julian Sands: Who is the missing British Hollywood actor in California?

A fellow mountaineer has shared a tribute to Julian Sands as the search for the missing actor enters its tenth day.

Sands, 65, was Reported missing during a hiking trip in the Baldy Bowl area of ​​the San Gabriel Mountains on Jan. 13, as local authorities continue searches by “helicopters and drones when weather permits.”

On Twitter, Sarah Crosby shared a tribute to A room with a view Najm, having apparently met him during a trek on Mount Kilimanjaro.

“Praying for Julian Sands, who we met on Mount Kilimanjaro,” she wrote on Twitter Sunday evening (January 22).

“He entertained us with Shakespeare and Keats and he was the first person to pick us up as an engaged couple. He even carried a hunk up the mountain to give it to us. He’s a lovely soul.”

On Friday, January 21, ground crews were still unable to continue search efforts for the actor, due to the danger of avalanches in the area.

The search has recently intensified as officials use mobile phone forensics to help locate the actor.


Fellow mountaineer shares tribute after bonding on Mount Kilimanjaro trek

A mountaineer named Sarah Crosby took part in the tribute to Julian Sands, after she met him during an expedition on Mount Kilimanjaro.

“He even carried a large piece of the mountain down to give it to us. He is a beautiful soul.”

Nicole FasselJanuary 23, 2023 08:15


Julian Sands: A Timeline of the Missing Actor’s Disappearance

Julian Sands, a prolific actor with over 150 screen credits, has disappeared while hiking.

The British star is believed to be somewhere on California’s famous Baldy Bowl Trail, which climbs 3,900 feet over 4.5 miles to the highest peak in the San Gabriel Mountains.

Search and rescue crews are searching for Sands, with friends of the actor, including Matthew Modine, Rufus Sewell, and film producer Frank Marshall, hoping to find him safely.

peony heroineJanuary 23, 2023 10:27


What is the temperature in Mount Baldy?

Julian Sands is believed to have disappeared while climbing Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains in California.

Currently, the weather is 3°C (38°F).

There is a high winds warning for southwestern California, with official guidance that reads: “Devastating winds can blow down trees and power lines. Power outages are possible. Travel will be difficult, especially for high-profile vehicles.”

Nicole FasselJanuary 23, 2023 08:45


Who is Julian Sands?

As the search for Julian Sands continues in Southern California, The IndependentLouis Shelton looks back at the life of the actor and his prolific career so far.

In the years that followed, he starred in several films and won a Golden Globe Award for his supporting role in Leaving Las Vegas.

Nicole FasselJanuary 23, 2023 07:45


Good morning, and thank you for coming back to our coverage of the search for Hollywood actor Julian Sands.

a star Arachnophobia And A room with a view Missing during a hiking trip in the Baldy Bowl area in the San Gabriel Mountains on Friday.

As of Monday morning, there have been no major updates and Sands is still missing as reports of severe weather persist in Southern California.

Recently, the authorities have been searching by air, as there is still an avalanche risk with a ground search.

In addition to Julian Sands, Los Angeles County rescuers are currently searching the San Gabriel Range for 61-year-old hiker Robert Gregory.

Nicole FasselJanuary 23, 2023 07:15


Thanks for tuning in with our coverage of Julian Sands’ search.

We’re pausing the blog for now, but here’s the latest on the missing actor:

Julian Sands: The aerial search continues for the missing British actor in California

Aerial search crews are continuing the search for British actor Julian Sands more than a week after he disappeared in California. Sands, who starred in The Killing Fields and A Room With a View, has been missing since Friday, January 13. The 65-year-old is believed to have been hiking along the famous Baldy Bowl Trail in the San Gabriel Mountains on the day he disappeared. This news report details the current situation as teams continue to search for the English representative. Click here to sign up for our newsletters.

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Siddiq describes the strength of the sand’s love for the family

A friend described the strength of Julian Sands’ love for his wife and children.

His complete and absolute love is always for his wife, novelist and screenwriter Evgenia Sitkovitz, with whom he has two daughters. Tell The Independent.

His son Henry by his first wife, journalist Sarah Sands, is closely related to him and joined the search for him in the California mountains where he disappeared.

Andy GregoryJanuary 22, 2023 22:59


At least 19 people were killed in California storms

According to the sheriff’s department, it has launched 14 search and rescue missions in the Mount Baldy area alone over the past month, with two hikers dying on the mountain.

In addition to Julian Sands, Los Angeles County rescuers are currently searching the San Gabriel Range for 61-year-old hiker Robert Gregory.

Andy GregoryJanuary 22, 2023 21:51


Authorities say no deadline has been set for the inspection to end

US authorities said there was still no “hard deadline” for calling off the search for Julian Sands.

The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department said the incident is still being classified as a search and rescue operation.

“We will schedule another ground search when the weather clears, and it is safe for our ground crews,” a spokesperson for the ministry said.


Holly BancroftJanuary 22, 2023 20:20


The search for the helicopters is still ongoing

The helicopter search is still on for missing actor Julian Sands, with US authorities using cellphone forensics to try and locate him.

Both national and international officials are working to help find Mr. Sands. On Friday, the state sheriff’s department revealed that sounds from the actor’s phone show he was commuting on the day he was reported missing.

A spokesperson for the department said, “We are working with state and federal agencies that have cell phone forensic evidence to help us locate, but to date no new information has been developed.”

(Richard Shotwell/Invision/The Associated Press)

Holly BancroftJanuary 22, 2023 18:33

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