Julio Iglesias’ health has deteriorated. A great artist is crushed by disease – the event of the day

Julio Iglesias, the father of singer Enrique Iglesias, is suffering from a terrible illness related to an accident in his youth. The great artist moved around in a wheelchair.

According to America TV’s “A la tarde,” Julio Iglesias is in so much pain that he can no longer remember the lyrics to his famous songs. Journalist Cora Deberpieri said that the artist underwent spinal surgery in his youth and has not recovered to this day.

His condition affected his motor and cognitive functions, said presenter Mathias Vasquez. He also said that the artist might give up his music career due to these problems. Other sources said Julio Iglesias refused to visit his relatives because of the pain.

Julios Iglesias, near death

On the night of September 22, 1962, a day before his birthday and after a party with friends, Enrique Iglesias’ father had an accident and was paralyzed. However, doctors made him walk again.

“Yes, I attempted suicide twice. I was depressed, I wasn’t as strong as I thought I was, and I wanted to kill myself. But in general I am a survivor, I love life because it is a privilege”, said the singer about this accident. “I am curious about my future because I want to do many things and time is not on my side”, admitted Julio Iglesias.

After this period, he also discovered his passion for music and learned to play the guitar. Later, Julio Iglesias went to Cambridge to improve his knowledge of English, where he composed his first song, “La Vida Sequ Igual”, with which he won the Benidorm Music Festival in 1968.

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