Kremlin propagandists worry about the possibility of Russia being defeated in Ukraine. “It would be a disaster.”

Margarita Simonyan, editor-in-chief of the Kremlin’s propaganda outlet Russia Today, appeared on public television Rossiya-1, controlled by the Kremlin, as a guest of host Vladimir Solovyov, fueling Russia’s potential defeat in Ukraine.

Pro-Kremlin anchor Vladimir Solovyov raised the issue of Russia’s failure in Ukraine on Russia-1 on Monday, a rare departure from the Russian government’s version, Le Picaro comments.

“It will be a disaster for our country. It is not an option. We must not lose the war,” replied the guest of the day, Margarita Simonian.

“Leaving one more district of Kayin without power does not change the scale of the devastation that would befall our country if we lost it. It is unimaginable. We cannot lose,” he said, as quoted by French channel BFMTV and Belgian publication La Libre Belgique.

The Ukrainians are “preparing to take Crimea from us. So let’s do the only thing we can do in this situation; bomb them,” said the editor-in-chief of RT, a station banned in the European Union at the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine because of its propaganda.

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“Russia doesn’t bomb for pleasure. God knows we don’t want that. Nobody wants that. I know our government doesn’t either,” he assured.

The journalist later stoked the fears of some military commanders who lamented fear of judicial reprisals during the Ukrainian conquest.

Margarita Simonyan condemned this mentality.
“Unfortunately, I know many people who think so. Including people from the highest spheres,” he declared.

“They are afraid and don’t dare to say things clearly, for fear of what people there will think,” said the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague, which judges war crimes and crimes against humanity.

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“I spit what they think. Those who fear the hack must fear defeat in battle, disgrace and betrayal of the people,” declared the RT leader.

The animator then concluded, sending shivers down the set, “If something like this happens there will be no more hacks. There will be nothing left. The whole world will be reduced to ashes.”

The two campaigners proposed at another event in April that Russian prisoners of war, some “monsters and bastards”, should be used as slaves to rebuild Ukrainian cities destroyed by the Russians.

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