Let me be blunt: Romania is a democratic country / the government I lead aims to ensure political, social and economic stability.

According to News.ro, on Sunday, Prime Minister Nikolay Chuke spoke at the Haferland Week ceremony, calling for equal rights for all citizens, regardless of race or culture.

He said that after 1989, Romania chose the path of Western societies and will not leave it. “We learn from each other and fight against excesses based on authoritarianism, radicalization, nationalist-populism, racism or class principles,” Chiuga says.

“Freedom is the highest value of any person living in such a society. The freedom to think, to be informed, to be educated and to express one’s ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious identity are all expressions of human freedom, protected and guaranteed by the Romanian state. In Ukraine, not far from our borders, by Russia Today we see dramatic consequences when these fundamental values ​​are at risk because of the war that has been launched. Together with our European and trans-Atlantic partners, we know that how we manage these crises now will depend on our future and well-being for years to come. That is why so many crises and border wars Ensuring political, social and economic stability in the current period is not an easy task for my government, which has changed the world we live in,” said Nicolae Ciuca Sunday. He said in the speech. Hafferland Week Cultural Festival.

“Let me be clear: Romania is a democratic country, which has made considerable efforts in the last 30 years to be a reliable partner in developed Western societies. We Romanians chose this path when we removed the communist regime from power, and we will not leave this path. Democracy is a complex political regime, and it Works best through consensus and cooperation. Of course, in a democratic society there are different views and opinions, even opposing views, which should not be radicalized but should be tolerated to achieve consensus and balance. No democracy is perfect, but it is perfected by integration. We learn from each other. and fight against authoritarianism, radicalization, national-populist, racist or violations based on class principles. “We must continue to invest our energy and faith,” News.Ro quoted the prime minister as saying.

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