“Let’s help the people get rid of the regime, we regret that the history of Ukraine is collapsing before our eyes”

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in Cairo on Sunday that, contrary to earlier reports, Russia is seeking to topple the Ukrainian government, DPA reported.

“Of course, we will help the Ukrainian people free themselves from a completely anti-people and anti-historic regime,” declared Lavrov. He said that the people of Russia and Ukraine will live together in the future.

The Russian minister said the Russian Federation “feels sorry for the Ukrainian people” and they deserve “something better”, TASS news agency quoted him as saying.

“We regret the history of Ukraine, which is collapsing before our eyes, and we regret those who succumbed to the state propaganda of the Kiev regime and those who support it with the intention of turning Ukraine into an eternal enemy. Russia”, Lavrov said during a meeting in Cairo with the permanent representatives of the Arab League states. The Russian foreign minister said these efforts would not succeed, TASS notes.

In recent days, Russian leaders have publicly hardened their stance on the war in Ukraine. On Wednesday, Lavrov threatened that Russia would invade other areas outside the Donbas region in the east of the country, where most of the fighting is currently concentrated.

Given the supply of Western weapons and their far greater range, it is necessary to further withdraw Ukrainian troops from the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, which together form the Donbass mining basin, and which Moscow has recognized as independent.

Lavrov contradicts his own statements in April with this statement, in which he recognizes Moscow’s intention to change the political leadership in Kiev, DPA notes.

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“We have no plans to change the regime in Ukraine,” the Russian diplomatic chief had declared in an interview with India Today TV. Lavrov then said that Ukrainians should decide under which leadership they want to live.

In addition, Lavrov said Sunday in Cairo, the first leg of a tour of Africa, that Moscow was ready for talks with Kiev on a “broad range of issues” but not dependent on resuming the negotiation process. Russian side according to Interfax.

“We have no predilection for resuming negotiations on a wide range of issues. But this is not up to us, because Ukrainian officials, from the president to his numerous advisers, continue to declare that there will be no negotiations until Ukraine defeats Russia on the battlefield,” he said.

The Russian foreign minister says Ukraine is being ‘encouraged’ by its ‘Western watchdogs’ in this regard, including ‘London, Washington, Berlin and other capitals of the European Union and NATO’.

“Thus, the choice is theirs,” Lavrov added: “But they continue to ask Ukraine to fight to the end, and we all understand what and whose end will come, more people will die, and the current situation will be even worse. Longer it will be, first of all for the Ukrainian people and for the Ukrainians. Nor is it in the interest of the State”.

On February 24, Russia launched an unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, the first such invasion in Europe since World War II.

Source: Agerpres.ro

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