List of traces of Vladimir Putin suffering from a serious illness

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, rumors that Vladimir Putin was unwell intensified.

1. The origin of Putin

The Russian president has recently been found to have a very swollen face and neck area. This led to rumors that Vladimir Putin was being treated with steroids.

Side effects of steroid therapy can lead to increased risk of infections, but also changes in behavior and condition.

Sometimes taking too many steroids can lead to confusion or changes in thinking“, Explained an organization that provides assistance to people suffering from cancer Telegraph.

2. Long meals

People with low immunity are susceptible to corona virus and other infections and often have a severe form of the disease.

There has been a lot of speculation since Vladimir Putin and Emmanuel Macron sat on opposite sides of a 4-meter-long table.

During a televised meeting, Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov sat at another very long table.

Cases of the corona virus have been on the rise in Russia recently, but Putin was isolated from the world long before that.

Most of those who wanted to have personal contact with the Russian president, including politicians and businessmen, had to be isolated in a hotel for 2 weeks.

There was a tunnel leading to his office, which also contained evidence of visitors being sprayed with disinfectant.

Vladimir Putin said he had been vaccinated against Sputnik serum, but there was no evidence of that.

3. “Something is wrong with Putin”

Republican Senator Marco Rubio has suggested that there is something wrong with Putin.

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Marco Rubio is not a supporter of conspiracy theories, but he is a senior Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Therefore, he sees secret information that he cannot speak. However, he can leave traces.

“I would like to share more, but it is clear that something is wrong with Putin. He was always a killer, but now his problem is different and important,” he said.

4. A Russian university professor says Putin has Parkinson’s and cancer

In November 2020, university professor Valerie Solovi suggested that Putin be diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and cancer.

At the time, a Kremlin spokesman said the statements were “meaningless” and that “everything is fine with the president.”

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