Live Text Protests in Georgia, Day 2. 40,000 protesters surround Georgian parliament / Law enforcement forces fire rubber bullets, water cannon and tear gas / Severed pig’s head hangs over parliament / Violent clashes in Tbilisi

Update 22:40 – On the streets of Tbilisi, people were cleared by tear gas

UPDATE 22:30 – All roads around Parliament are controlled by security forces.

The protesters have no plans to leave the area yet. Tear gas and rubber bullets continue to be fired at them. Many are injured

Update 22:00 – Law enforcement forces fire rubber bullets at protesters surrounding the Georgian parliament in Tbilisi. Injured people report first

The Speaker of the Parliament of Georgia urged the protesters to calm down. “Any opinion must be expressed within the law,” Shalva Babuvashvili told IMED TV.

Update 21:40 – Estimates are that over 40,000 people are protesting in Georgia.

A lot of police are now near Independence Square. They started using tear gas.

A protester asked the security forces to come to their side.

A girl with a banner at a protest in Tbilisi:

“In 1992, my parents fled Abkhazia to Ukraine. Russia destroyed their lives twice.

Update 21:30 – An explosion was heard behind the Georgia Parliament

Protesters are trying to break down the doors of the Georgian parliament. They surrounded the building and asked the security forces to let them pass. Special forces gather in the courtyard of the Georgian Parliament building. The explosion is already heard.

Things are heating up. Protesters broke the windows of Parliament.
Protesters were pushed back from the rear entrance of Parliament.

Gas and water cannons were also launched.

UPDATE 21:00 – A severed pig’s head was hung by protesters near Parliament. The police removed the water cannons

Update 20:00 – Georgian authorities are not complying with the protesters’ demands

Parliament is surrounded by people.

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Security forces have already been deployed in the Parliament premises. Tomorrow, the protesters plan to blockade the parliament and interfere with the legislative proceedings.

Update 19:00 – Opposition parties at a rally in Tbilisi have asked officials to withdraw the draft law on foreign agents from parliament within an hour.

Protesters in Georgia presented two demands to the authorities.

▪️ Withdrawal of draft law on “Foreign Agents” from Parliament;
▪️ Free all the prisoners.

Officials have an hour to comply with the requirements, after which people will “move to other steps”.

Update 18:30 – More than 10,000 people gathered in front of the Parliament in Tbilisi.

Update 18:00 – Georgia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has arrested 10 more people. 76 people who took part in yesterday’s protest have been arrested.

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