LIVE UPDATES: King Charles III has been declared King of the United Kingdom

K Dawn of a new era In Britain, arrangements are underway for the final farewell to Queen Elizabeth II. her son, King Charles IIIShe has requested a period of royal mourning from Friday 9 September until seven days after the Queen’s funeral, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace.

The statement added that the date of the funeral would be confirmed “in due course.” Here’s what you can expect to happen in the coming days.

Here are some answers to common questions:

How will the Queen’s coffin return to London?

The coffin will first leave Balmoral, the Queen’s Scottish country retreat, for the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh. This estate is the official residence of the British monarch in Scotland. He will then likely travel in procession to St Giles’ Cathedral in Edinburgh where the Queen will rest before being taken to London.

We don’t yet know exactly how the ark will head south; Roads are available by rail and air.

How can the public express his respect?

Historical precedent suggests that once the Queen arrives in London, the Queen will likely be located in Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the Palace of Westminster. The coffins of former kings rested on a raised platform – or catafalque – in the middle of the hall, guarded around the clock by units of the Sovereign’s bodyguard, footguards, or house cavalry regiment.

The coffin will likely remain there for several days at which point members of the audience will be able to get past the platform and view the King’s coffin. Thousands are expected to queue, with some possibly sleeping through the night in an effort to pay their respects.

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What would the Queen’s funeral look like?

As Queen, Queen Elizabeth will automatically be given a publicly funded state funeral. It will take place at Westminster Abbey sometime in the next two weeks, although the exact day will be confirmed in time.

Founded in AD 960 by Benedictine monks, the abbey is one of London’s most famous landmarks. It has often been the setting for high-profile royal moments such as coronations, weddings, and funerals over the years.

We’re still a few days away from the guest list, but heads of state VIPs from around the world are likely to make their way to the British capital to celebrate the Queen’s life and 70 years of service to the nation. Other familiar faces include some of the Queen’s 15 former prime ministers and senior lawmakers.

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